Home and Bedroom Trends in 2024

Your bedroom is possibly the coziest space in the house, and it deserves all the love. The bedroom trends of 2024 preserve the warmth and comfort of bedrooms but also add some elegance and style. A list of the biggest trends of the year features the classics like minimalism, better lighting, and textured decor but there are also a few new additions. These trends will steer you towards an eco-friendly approach to bedroom design and make sure that there is scope for self-care and wellness.

Top Bedroom Trends for This Year

Like every year, 2024 also has a bunch of hot home decor trends. Some of these are old and some are very new. Check out the most popular trends that bedrooms are going to feature this year as sponsored by flooring365.co.uk.

Environment Friendly

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Climate change is very real, and it is time to introduce environment-friendly products and practices in all aspects of life. From furniture to flooring, the biggest bedroom trend is using natural materials all around. You can put in solid wood flooring and choose from several options like black walnut, smoked oak, natural oak, and more. For the furniture in the room, you can opt for cane, polished, or even unpolished wood for a vintage feel, and layer natural fabrics in your favorite colors.


Minimalism arrived sometime back, but the trend is here to stay. This year, bedrooms are going to feature just the bare essentials and nothing that is a little over the top. Choose neutral shades for upholstery and add a few pops of color with throw pillows, shelves, or even a single wardrobe. You can also keep the walls free and just add a frameless mirror. Use minimal, patterned decor but do not completely throw out your collections. However, minimalism this year is not restrictive or limiting; you can still arrange your books, records, and souvenirs and decorate your bedroom as long as it does not appear cluttered.

Statement Bed

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The bed is the focal point of your bedroom so allow it to look great. Choose a striking bed and clear the space around. Keep linens of bold colors and accent them with neutral shades. The neutral shades you choose should match the surroundings so that the bed grabs your attention when you first enter. A statement bed can also have detailing like tufting or fluting. Use rich fabrics like velvet to make the bed look even more inviting. You can also add a statement headboard with art or abstract designs that covers a part of the wall.

Combined Space

Last year when all office spaces shut down, people had to create home offices and that has turned into a major trend this year. Many corporate offices will be asking their employees to work from home, even in 2024. So a workplace within the bedroom is ideal, especially if you do not have much space in the house. Combine the bedroom and a home office by adding a desk and a comfortable chair. Choose a sturdy table with drawers so that you can store all your stationary.


Most homes do not have enough space for a garden. But you can bring the greenery inside. Introducing botanicals within the bedroom not only makes the space look beautiful but it also purifies the air. Keep houseplants like peace lily, maidenhair fern, chrysanthemums, and more in ceramic pots on shelves and windowsills. If you are not too sure about being a plant parent, you can start by keeping succulents or cacti that do not need constant care.

Warm Colour Palette

While neutrals are necessary, the color palette for this year includes warm tones. Add rich reds, browns, and terracotta shades to provide warmth and brightness. The best thing about such a warm color palette is that you can combine it with grey and certain warm neutrals to make your bedroom chic but cozy. You can also choose some fun colors from a warm palette like bright yellow, orange, or yellowish-green. This will add a playful, bohemian vibe to the bedroom.

Natural Light

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This is going to be a huge trend that you should follow. Allowing natural light in is an ecologically conscious practice and it will help you to save a lot on electricity bills. Make space for large windows in your bedroom and if you can, then do away with a wall. You can put a floor-to-ceiling window or even have a balcony built so that sunlight can enter. For nighttime, you can keep wall lights or ceiling lights that are simple and energy-efficient.

Smart Storage

Keeping up with minimalism, smart storage is a convenient trend for the year. Use a wall cupboard in the bedroom and have a mirror in the center. You can also put some open shelves. Such a cupboard can hold your clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and everything else! If you need a space to store blankets and extra bedding, you can buy a bed with a storage box underneath. The purpose of smart storage is to utilize a single storage space as much as you can, so keep that in mind while setting up your bedroom.

More Textures

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Textures look trendy in the bedroom. Add textured wallpaper and use different kinds of fabrics on furniture to give a quirky look. You can also opt for textured paint on the walls. You can choose one accent wall in a rich color to add the textures. Textures can also be introduced by adding ceramic planters, wicker armchairs, and more.

Glamorous Decor

The bedroom is the most private space in a house, and it can be quite luxurious. Get some glamorous decor for the room, fit silk sheets on the bed, and relax after a long day. Metal accents, polished floors, and rich drapes can be the perfect blend of minimalist and maximalist styles. Such decor will be glamorous and luxe and your bedroom will look rather regal.

Final Words

Your bedroom should always reflect your personality and while the trends are here, you can still mold them to your preference. Choose colors, patterns, and fabrics that truly spark joy. You do not have to rely on neutrals or just minimalist styles. Use the trends to discover what you like best in and let your bedroom be unique but comfortable.