How Familiar Are You with the Paw Paw Tree?

Pawpaw, paw-paw, or paw paw tree is very easy to grow a plant that has a tasty fruit. These trees are the largest with edible fruit, native to the continent North America. They mostly grow in the eastern parts of the United States, and not near the coasts. All of the different spellings are accepted, while the scientific name is Asimina triloba, of the plant family Annonaceae.

The paw paw tree

The tree is a favorite amongst gardeners across the Southeast territories, mostly because of its dark green foliage, a tropical appearance, an abundance of fruit. The tropical characteristics may tell you they prefer being closer to the equator, however, these trees thrive in the climates of the South. They have seasonal color, while the leaves turn bright yellow in autumn, after which their brown velvety flower buds open, revealing a deep burgundy color flowers from March to May.

Paw Paw Tree


Paw paw tree produces large green fruits, also named pawpaws. It is fragrant, with a distinctly bright and tropical flavor. If you happen to come across some freshly ripe pawpaws, go for them, and mind the seeds. They are ripe when close to falling from the trees. The flesh is soft with a slight give, similar to other stone or tropical fruits. It has a short shelf life, meaning you should eat them almost instantly. They can last a bit longer in the fridge.Eat them straight, or turn them into a puree and add to a smoothie, ice cream, or a pie.

Paw Paw Tree


You can grow a tree in a container, but make sure it is a deep one. The root system tends to be vast and needs space to grow. Pawpaw tree does not need much maintenance, they are resistant to pests and they thrive in well-drained soil. The equal balance of sun and shade is preferable. If you decide to grow your own, plant two or more selections to ensure the cross-pollination. The best selections include Allegheny, Potomac, Prolific, Mango, Mitchell, Potomac, Prolific, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Potomac, Taylor, Prolific, and Wabash.