How To Choose A Canopy Tent For Your Garden

The weather conditions could be a problem when planning outdoor activities. Both hot and sunny day, and dark and rainy day, could ruin your experience. But there is a canopy tent to save the day. They are user-friendly, can help you protect your guests, furniture, and other belongings from rain or sun, and are easy to set up. Canopy tents are made from different materials and in different sizes, and we are here to help you choose the canopy tent right for you that will last.

Pick A Canopy Tent Style And Size

You will choose the size of your canopy tent depending on your needs and how large gatherings you plan on having. A 10×10 canopy tent with sides is the most common option when buying a new canopy tent. Of course, there are smaller and larger sizes available too. When it comes to the style, there are five general types including party, baby, beach, square, and triangular sail canopy. Make sure you have enough space available to set up your tent, and also think about the walk-in height of the tent.

Canopy Tent For Your Garden

Select A Lasting Material

Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in the frame of a tent. Good things about steel are that it is strong and heavy, which is helpful in windy conditions, but the bad thing is that it can corrode. Aluminum is lighter and easier to set up, but comparing to steel, it is more likely to bend.

On the other hand, a water-resistant polyester is the most common material for the canopy itself. Its durability and strength depend on its thickness. Other, more expensive and better option is canopy made of polyester with a vinyl coating.

Go Lightweight Or Heavy-Duty

If you need a tent for a smaller amount of time, like a day or two, you will choose a lightweight canopy tent. In case you need to use a tent for longer periods of time, heavy-duty should be your pick. Lightweight canopy tents are usually under 40 pounds and can fit into the trunks of most vehicles. Heavy-duty weights over 40 pounds and are a long-term solution in unpredictable conditions. Pop up canopy tents are the simplest to set up and take down. So keep in mind your needs but also portability and assembly, when choosing a tent.

Canopy Tent For Your Garden

Frills And Features

Some people want to take their outdoor activities to another level, and there are a variety of accessories and features that can help your canopy tent be a special one, including sidewalls, custom graphics, carrying cases, one-push technology, and others. If you want extra protection and privacy, you can choose a canopy tent with sidewalls. Canopy tents with logos are usually taken by professional and college sports teams. When setting the tent up, you usually need an extra hand or two, but nowadays there are certain models that allow you to set up a canopy tent on your own, thanks to one-push technology.