Why you need CCTV cameras on your farm

Whether it is your home or your business, you can never have too much security. In the world of today, there is a large number of possibilities when it comes to thievery, burglary, break-ins, and abuse. Improved locks, burglar alarms, security gates, and guard dogs are all at your disposal to try and make your property as impenetrable and safe as you can. One thing that can also help catch the suspect who does one of these mischievous deeds are cameras, or more precisely, CCTV.

When it comes to farms, many serve a dual purpose, those of home and business property. If something terrible were to happen to a family’s farmstead, they may potentially never recover. Security is incredibly important in farming and agricultural environments as a whole. The right amount of video surveillance can help ensure that all of the farm operations run smoothly, and also protect the animals, facilities, equipment, and people on its grounds.

Continue reading for more on CCTV cameras on farms and why they are crucial to their safety, as well as the most important places to install them.

Why you need CCTV cameras on your farm

Where to put cameras and what are the benefits of having them?

Animals are crucial for farms, so how can you leave the place where they are kept without video surveillance and sleep well and comfortable at night, without worrying? For example, stables are one of the most important buildings on every farm and should be well guarded. Cameras inside will help take care of the possible scenarios.

Also cover driveways, exits and entrances, places with most activity, and places with the most important and expensive equipment.Following are the biggest benefits of CCTV cameras on a farm:

Monitor for intruders

Place cameras strategically and cover every corner of your stable. Unauthorized personnel will automatically be seen and captured on tape. Make sure to cover all access points like doors and windows.

Protect water supplies

A farm cannot operate and function without a good source of water, and a well made water system. Therefore, as one of the most important parts of a farmstead, cameras around it will help you keep an eye on this sensitive area.

Break-ins and theft

Obviously, when a potential thief or burglar sees cameras, they will move to another, less secure location. If they do however decide to try, they will be put on tape for the police to take over and release their images everywhere. Put cameras in places like holding and calving pens, tool shops, and gates. It will surely make your property safer from stealing animals and equipment.

Monitor daily operations

Another great feature of cameras other than security is making sure everything runs smoothly by simply looking at a screen. Shuffle through different camera feeds and check if daily operations like milking and feeding are being done to the fullest.

Employee monitoring

In connection with the previous benefit, keeping an eye on the workers is never a bad idea. Their behavior needs to be in order, and they should not be slacking during their jobs. Utilize this benefit of surveillance to either motivate a good worker or punish a bad one. Either way, the job will be done more precisely next time around.

Why you need CCTV cameras on your farm

Remote Playback and Monitoring

If you get an IP surveillance system, you can monitor everything remotely and store visual evidence.

Camera Risks

There are a few risks, like a vandalized camera. The signal could be broken or lost, so consider securing the cameras.

In addition, some locations require weatherproof CCTV cameras due to severe weather conditions.

Things to go over

Consider the following before installing CCTV to make the best decision:

Is there a theft history around the farm?

What facilities are present on a farm?

Is there any other security in place?

Should employees be closely monitored?

Cameras outdoor, indoor or both?

What are the most sensitive areas?