How To Choose An Ethanol Fireplace: Tips And Tricks

A fireplace is a worthy investment for the family. Having one in the office, patio, and home provides an excellent way to set the mood, add some warmth, as well as add sophistication and style to the room.  Although fireplaces have been around for many years, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly fireplaces to replace the good-old ones. An eco-friendly fireplace is not only good for your health but also helps save the environment/planet.

With several options to choose from, deciding on the best eco-friendly fireplace to invest in can be a daunting task for many. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right ethanol fireplace for your needs.

  1. Opt for simplicity.Do not go for the complex, expensive fireplaces on the first time. Simple fireplaces are not only easy to set up but also easy to maintain and keep fueled. These fireplaces use an all-natural bioethanol fuel that can be poured into the chamber with ease.
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  2. Style.

    Bio-Flame fireplaces come in a wide range of designs and styles, all meant to improve efficiency and aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to stick to the old black fireplaces anymore. You can even have the ethanol fireplace custom-built and designed to fit your preferences.
  3. Go smoke-free.Modern fireplaces using ethanol do not produce harmful gasses or smoke. This makes them much safer for you as compared to firewood-fueled ones. A smokeless fireplace is not only good for your health and the house but also helps protect the environment from greenhouse gases.
  4. Easy to clean.Look for a fireplace that is not only appealing but easy to clean as well. Luckily though, bioethanol fireplaces do not produce soot or ashes, hence are relatively cleaner. All you need to keep the fireplace clean is wipe the surfaces clean.
  5. Opt for fuel efficiency.Fuel efficiency holds the key to saving the environment today. That said, you need to look for a fireplace capable of producing enough heat while using very little fuel. Luckily though, most bioethanol fireplaces are fuel efficient.

A bioethanol fireplace is a worthy investment for any homeowner. It provides a smoke-free, stylish, fuel efficient, and an easy to clean option unlike many other types of fireplaces on the market today. Investing in one will add a spark in the house, keep you warm, and admiration from your neighbors. You can check more on