How to Choose Your Next Push Mower – 2024 Guide

Push mowers are very convenient lawn mowing tools that get the job done in full effect. However, there is much debate to be done on the subject of choosing the best one for your needs.

It’s not exactly hard to choose a push mower, but there are factors that we definitely need to talk about before you make your next purchase.

1. The Engine


Push lawn mowers are equipped with engines that vary in power. But the optimal it should have an engine that is well suited for the task ahead. The engine, however, varies from small walk-behinds to large zero-turn mowers and even garden tractors, but we won’t be mentioning them in this article.

The engine of push mowers is the most important factor to consider when buying the best one for your needs. If you have a larger yard size, then a more powerful engine would be needed to cover the entire yard in great efficiency. And while on the subject of yard size that puts us nicely to our second point which we will discuss more in-depth.

2. Yard Size

The second factor is the actual size of your yard. This will greatly help narrow down the search of the ideal push mower for your needs. A sizeable walk-behind mower is a generally good choice if your yard is around an acre of land or less. The smaller your yard, the smaller the mower you would need, and by that, we can safely say that the bigger the yard the bigger the mower required to cover it in its entirety.

But they are not recommended if your yard is even the size of ¾ of an acre. A ¾ acre is still a large surface area, and you would need a garden tractor to cover that kind of area. Push mowers are excellent for smaller yards and are best recommended for residential houses in suburban neighborhoods. If you’re interested in some of the best out there, then please make sure to head over to for a look.

3. Yard’s Terrain


We mentioned how a smaller yard would require a typical push mower to fully cover it. Well, that can all change if your yard’s terrain is rougher. For rougher terrain, a push mower on wheels would be ideal since the wheels can easily maneuver across rougher terrains. We’re not talking about a garden tractor; we’re talking about basic mowers that are pushed on wheels. If your yard’s terrain is nice and flat, then you can choose whatever type of push mower you want. However, a rougher terrain requires more powerful push mowers to get the job done.

4. Features

Additional features add more towards the overall price of it, but they should be considered none the less. The best feature to look for in these units is the actual blade used for maneuvering and cutting grass. A great feature always to look for in push mowers is for a bag attached to the back that is used to catch the grass as the blade cuts it. Always make sure that the mower you’re buying has this feature as it can be a lifesaver sometimes.