Why is It Important to Fertilize Plants With Amino Acids

Many who are just starting to work with plants think that for a good harvest they need only simple fertilizers and regular watering. However, firstly, each plant has its own characteristics and requires special care, and secondly, all plant organisms need various trace elements and amino acids.

Unfortunately, rare gardeners are aware of the importance of amino acids in the biochemical processes of plants. Today we will discuss this topic in detail.

What are amino acids?

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The chemical elements of amino acids are oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen. Other elements may also be included, but these are the main ones. Most of those who are engaged in plant breeding do not know anything about these chemical elements and have little idea of what is at stake.

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Of course, plants can survive without additional feeding with amino acids because they are able to produce them on their own. But for them, this is a rather complicated process that is often problematic due to bad weather or other stressful situations for plants.

What are the benefits of amino acids?

Until the middle of the last century, scientists knew very little information about amino acids, therefore, quite recently, fertilizers containing them in their composition began to be produced all over the world. A few years after the introduction of these elements, it became clear that they have a positive effect on the entire plant world.

Organic compounds have the following positive effects on plants:

The lack of amino acids leads to many negative consequences in the life of the plant, subsequently, it becomes less resistant to stressful conditions and can quickly die due to external factors.

There are many such factors, such as the presence of extreme temperatures, problems with watering or lighting, and pests. Those experts who only cooperate with services to increase the number of viewers like Soclikes but do nothing else, and after that consider themselves popular specialists can tell you that it is enough to sprinkle the leaves with some kind of chemistry and wait for a miracle. But this is far from true. Only amino acids can help plant organisms cope with adverse conditions due to high immunity.

If this is not achieved with the help of fertilizer, then the plant will spend a lot of time and effort on the synthesis of the necessary useful elements, after which its flowering regime will fail and premature aging and cell death will begin, which shortens the flowering life cycle.

How to use fertilizers with amino acids

As mentioned above, plants are able to synthesize these elements on their own, but their life becomes much easier if they can absorb them from the outside.

You have probably come across the fact that in the fall and spring periods your immunity weakens and in order to strengthen it you drink a course of vitamins. Of course, you can eat healthy food and leave the house as little as possible in windy weather, but it is much easier to improve your health with the help of vitamins. The same thing happens in the plant kingdom.

As in the human body, under unfavorable conditions, the stock of organic substances decreases in a plant and their acute shortage begins. As a rule, there are practically no free amino acids in the soil that are easily absorbed by plants, so you need to support them with fertilizers.

First of all, you should pay attention to fertilizers that contain amino acids, beneficial microorganisms, humus and enzymes. Do not listen to those who advise you to buy something with a lot of chemical elements in the composition, because natural fertilizer with useful elements is much more effective.

If you have a question about whether liquid or dry fertilizers are worth buying, then it depends on how you want to strengthen the plant. If you need to fertilize the leaves (the effect will be quick, but short-lived), you need to use a liquid fertilizer, and for the roots (you will have to wait until the plant absorbs the nutrients, but this is more long-term) you can choose a dry one.

Pay attention to the state of your green pets at the time you start feeding. If they are in a stressful situation due to weather conditions or other external factors, then the absorption of enzymes will be noticeably slower.

If you see that your entire garden is in poor condition, then you should carefully examine all the plants to see if they have a common disease that urgently needs to be treated. With the usual weakening of the immune system, there is nothing to worry about and you can save the garden with effective elements.

Amino acids are best introduced into plants through the root so that they can feed on them for a long time and strengthen immunity even before adverse conditions appear. In addition to increasing stability, useful elements will strengthen the root system and contribute to the improvement of all parts.

To achieve the maximum effect, you need to feed several times in one season. The most important thing is to do this during planting and a couple of times during the growing season. In this case, the viability of the plant will be initially high.

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Amino acids are not the most important part in fertilizers because plants can synthesize them on their own. However, this significantly slows down all processes inside the plant, negatively affects the duration of its life cycle and reduces immunity. Therefore, if you want to strengthen the root system and aerial parts, then be sure to use complex fertilizers with amino acids, enzymes and microorganisms.