How To Install Grass Carpet – 2024 Guide

Artificial grass carpet is one of the landscaping products that have more permanence compared to natural grass. And they do not break or wear out when stepped on. Due to its use in many areas, it has become one of the most preferred products recently. In addition to usage in garden decoration, it is also preferred in places such as parks and gardens. Artificial grass carpets are easy to assemble and use for a long time. Since synthetic grass does not require irrigation and extra care, it is among the most sought-after landscape products in this industry. Artificial grass carpet is preferred according to the floor to be installed with its different types and features.

Is The Artificial Grass Carpet Affordable?

Artificial grass has a wide range of usage areas. Artificial grass with different product features is produced for the carpet field. Since grass assembly is very important in carpet pitches, it is necessary to use a quality grass variety that will remove the pitch feature. A suitable grass type for this atmosphere is required for the smooth ground while playing on the field. Grass carpets are preferred mostly for decorative purposes. Because grass carpet for sports purposes and grass carpet for landscaping must be different. Appropriate material is selected for the grass carpet assembly to be made for decoration. Prices for this type may vary. Before choosing, information can be obtained on the m2 price of artificial grass, depending on the location where the grass carpet will be installed.

Recently preferred grass carpets’ prices are determined according to the quality and the amount to be used. In general, you as a client can figure out the grass carpet price by calculating the area to be used and m2. Before purchasing the grass carpet material, general price research can be complete. On the other hand, you can get a price list from the company, depending on the estimated measurements. The price per square meter of artificial grass carpet can be obvious by obtaining detailed information from the relevant company. Artificial grass carpet prices also vary according to their quality. There will definitely be a difference in the price of the grass carpet to be used in the carpet field and the prices of the grass carpet to be used for landscaping. Because different products are designed for these two different purposes.

How Is The Installation Process Of Grass Carpet?


Artificial grass carpet has a very aesthetic appearance. Although it is in top condition in terms of visual perspective, the most significant factor is the correct assembly of the grass carpet. Grass carpets that are not installed as required may cause problems in appearance. The measurement process is one of the most crucial details in grass carpet assembly. Incomplete or excess carpet installation will reveal serious problems. At this stage, the important thing is to get information about the grass carpet widths in the company.

The width and length of the carpet may be short for the place and place where the grass carpet will be applied. An additional carpet may be necessary for this. Such details should not be overlooked at this stage. It is also possible to get detailed information from the company about price calculation. A much lower price in artificial grass carpets can be attractive for the clients in terms of the budget. But, you need to take into account all these points without making an assembly decision about the cost of grass carpet.

How Should Artificial Grass Carpet Care Be Done?


Artificial grass carpet care is very important for the long-term use of the product. However, before the artificial grass carpet flooring is made, the necessary products must be placed under it. Artificial grass is one of the most appealing landscaping products that are cleaned with the help of brushes. However, where the lawn will be used, size and hardness are selected accordingly, so the cleaning conditions also vary. If an arrangement has been made for a certain area in the artificial grass carpet, it can be cleaned by brushing manually.

However, if it is installed in a grass carpet field and larger area, it should be maintained with a cleaning machine. It is also essential that materials such as garbage or sediment are not left under the ground during the placement of artificial grass carpets. Artificial grass carpet should be watered at regular intervals in extreme heat in summer. This is important for the longer use of grass. No matter how high quality the artificial grass material is, extreme temperatures will cause problems such as melting or wear.

When talking about cheap artificial grass carpet prices, the first thing that comes to mind is product quality. However, artificial grass carpet prices may be discounted in certain periods. These times can be followed for both high quality and an affordable price option. At the same time, by getting information about the campaigns of the company, it is possible to purchase products at both affordable prices and quality. Since cheap artificial grass carpet prices vary according to the quality and content of the product, it should be known where the product to be preferred will be used.

Where Can People Get High-Quality Service?

If you are willing to get high-quality service in this issue, you can contact with Integral Turf easily. This company is located in Turkey but it has a wide range of business networks all around the world. They have been exporting many different products that they manufacture. The artificial grass carpet landscape to be built on the driveway may differ. Again, it would be an ideal option to get information from authorized persons about the application for such areas. Artificial grass carpet prices to be preferred for areas such as football fields, football pitches, school gardens, hospital gardens, company gardens are also directly proportional to the meeting with the company. In every company, it is quite possible to choose artificial grass carpet among a wide range of options at an affordable price in terms of quality and interior.