5 Reasons Why Granite is the Perfect Material for Kitchen Countertops – 2023 Guide

Buying a new home is a process that can be described both as stressful and lengthy. Certainly, you cannot overcome all of these struggles in just a couple of days. First, anyone interested in this kind of purchase would need to come up with enough funds to cover all the costs. After that, it is needed to conduct research of the market and come across the best solutions.

Therefore, you can see that this is not something you should treat lightly. After these two processes are done and you have bought your new home, you will need to start thinking about the changes you will implement. We are talking about many different changes.

Without any doubt, we believe that kitchen renovation is the best starting point. Certainly, this space will require your best efforts and higher investments. Since you will need to invest a lot of money, you will need to be careful about your choices. For instance, we can see that many people consider granite the best material for kitchen countertops.

If you are interested in purchasing this material, be sure to check out francinimarble.com. Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of reasons why this is the best choice for your kitchen. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Durability

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As you know, countertops are an area where you will prepare and cook your meals. Today, we can see that these countertops can even be a place where the family can eat. Since there are a lot of activities that are done in this area, it is of the utmost importance for them to be as durable as they can be. Therefore, choosing the right material is something that can decide how durable it can be.

That’s why choosing granite as a material countertop will be made of is the best choice on the market. These countertops are so durable that they can last forever when they are maintained properly. The method used to make granite durable is called sealing. By doing that, you will make it resistant to burns, scratches, and stains. When sealing is complete, it can be used for as long as you like, without any problems.

2. Easy Maintenance

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We’ve mentioned that the sealing procedure is an irreplaceable factor in making granite durable. Therefore, you will need to hire a professional who will perform it in the best possible way. Also, you have heard that it is resistible to stains and a wide array of other damages. But we would like to say that this process will protect it from many other dangers like bacteria, which is exceptional.

When we are talking about maintenance, it needs to be said that this is something that you can do by yourself. There are two ways you can do that, one is simple, and another one will require some kind of effort. The first, simpler one, is done by using water and soap. The second one is using a cleaner specially designed for the type of granite you have inside your kitchen.

3. A Unique Design

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If you are interested in making your kitchen unique then opting for granite is the way to go. The reason being that there are not two identical pieces. When we say that we mean that all the shades and colors are unique and they cannot be compared with any other color we can see on any other piece. That’s the reason many people are saying that these are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

The only thing you can choose is lighter and darker shades. The only granite color people are skeptical about using is white, because of the struggles with maintenance. If that’s the case, we would gladly recommend taking a look at some of the lighter shades. As you can see, this is the only part that can make your kitchen truly unique.

3. Natural Look

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The reason why it is not possible to find similarities between two different granite pieces is that they are mined. The process we are talking about is the reason why there are no two same pieces. Also, we’ve said that there are a lot of different designs you can choose from. What all of them have in common is the natural look they will provide that natural, unique look to your kitchen.

When you know that, it is easy for you to implement all the ideas about surrounding elements in your kitchen. We can see that there are a lot of people interested in making their kitchen have that natural look only granite can provide them with. Whenever you enter your kitchen, you will see that your countertops provide a whole new layer of beauty to the space.

4. Boosts Home Value

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As you can presume, all the works and projects you undergo inside your home will have a big influence on resale value. When you know that kitchen is widely considered the most important room in your home when deciding the sale value, a granite countertop is something that will truly add to the value of your kitchen. Since this is not a cheap material, you can expect it to add significant value.

But this is not the only factor. Its beauty is something that will create the atmosphere that will influence the price. Plus, it adds the concept of luxury to the room. From real estate agents, you will hear that sometimes this is something that will be a game-changer. Therefore, you should add this one if you are looking to increase the value of your home.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of granite as a material for kitchen countertops is nothing short of exceptional. Here, you can take a look at some of the most important reasons why buying these will be a great move for you. Therefore, we would recommend you not to hesitate at buying these for your kitchen. We do not doubt that these reasons are more than enough for you to make this decision.