Is it Worth Put Epoxy on the Garage Floor?

If you desire to transform your garage flooring, then epoxy is a popular option these days. Many people are considering epoxy flooring in newly constructed buildings or homes for a better appearance and finish. But many individuals are still concerned about whether it is worth it.

Undoubtedly, it will transform your entire garage space and make it look pretty different. But it is necessary to know its worth before implementing this option. In the following write-up, we will discuss the value of putting epoxy on the garage floor.

But before you understand the worth, you must know about this treatment and how your garage space will look after implementing it. You must know all the advantages and disadvantages of this method to determine its worth. Therefore, you must understand this flooring technique in detail before making any decision.

About Epoxy for Garage Floors


Many people have a misconception regarding the epoxy treatment. They think that a little bit of this ingredient is mixed with the paint and coated on the floors. But the process is quite different, and you must know it very well. It is a thermosetting resin layer that is applied over the concrete. The coating is hard enough because the resin is mixed with a polyamine hardener.

This combination also makes epoxy quick to dry and might create chaos when you pour it without precision. Experts have the skill to control epoxy pouring, achieving polished results every time. They can pour the epoxy without messing up the results. Most projects that involve epoxy require a professional installer, like the ones at Epoxy Flooring Contractor Los Angeles. Click here to learn more facts and tips on using epoxy on your concrete floors. The resin compound that is mixed with the hardener creates a pure solid material. It results in a durable form that is hard to break or remove. The resulting product creates a resistant, tough, yet stylish, appealing floor surface.

This combination helps in enhancing the durability of the floor and makes it last for several years. It appears shiny, but it is completely dry. If you compare the consistency of the coating, it is relatively thicker than any paint. The coating bonds with the concrete tightly. If you are interested in coating your garage floors, then you can find here for epoxy floor finishing.



1. Better Appearance

You can expect a better appearance if you compare epoxy treatment with another flooring method. The resin gives a smooth and shiny finish to the floors, making them look attractive. It is easy to sweep the smooth surfaces and maintain them. In case of any mess, it can be cleaned easily.

2. Affordable

There is a misconception that epoxy treatment is quite expensive, but it is very affordable. The mixture of resin and hardener is directly applied over the concrete. It is also minimal if you are concerned about the installation price. Many factors depend on determining the exact price of this technique. As per your preference, you can choose flooring from the available variety.

3. Durable

Undoubtedly, epoxy floors are highly durable due to their long lifespan. But you have to spend extra money on sealing and maintaining the resin on the concrete every year. If you do not desire to compromise on durability, it is better to pick this option.

4. Safety

The epoxy flooring can also reflect light and make things quite visible. Even if you go to your garage with minimal lights, you can see things clearly due to enhanced reflection. No risk of temperature fluctuations or fire damage. You will remain safe in your house even when any risky thing happens in the garage.

5. Warranty

The professional team will come to your place if any problem happens and fix the issues. Every company provides a warranty on their services. The epoxy floor is hard to damage, and if anything happens immediately after the process, the company is responsible for it. They will fix all the faults and provide services when required.

6. Protection

Epoxy is water and moisture-resistant; hence, it prevents cracks due to moisture. But you must pay attention to cleaning and maintaining the floors on time to avoid any problems. At a reasonable price, the flooring gets enough protection.

7. Variety

It is easy to decorate your garage flooring in whatever way you want. There are a variety of colors, designs, and patterns available that you can pick for your garage. But it can also cost you different depending on its worth.



1. Smell

When the epoxy mixture is wet, it smells terrible. In darker shades, the hardener is mixed in a large quantity, and it can cause strong fumes. You can also smell ammonia after the application gets dried. In the beginning, you can get a foul smell from the floor whenever you enter your garage.

2. Sensitivity

Improper epoxy flooring installation can cause severe problems and may not last for years. The coating on the concrete will easily be chipped off, and you need to redo this process. This treatment is highly sensitive, and it requires expertise to install it.

The crucial thing is to control the moisture, which is possible if you install a dehumidifier. While applying and drying the resin, it is necessary to absorb moisture because it can easily lock and affect durability.

Is It Worth going for an Epoxy Flooring Method for the Garage?


It is hard to renovate the garage flooring repeatedly. Therefore, it is better to go with the epoxy treatment. It is worth picking this option because of its high durability, better finish, and enough safety. You can expect better value if you are investing your money in it.

You do not have to clean the garage thoroughly because the floor is resistant to dust and can absorb moisture. The advantages of this method outweigh its disadvantages, and you can go for it.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is common for people to choose epoxy treatment for their garage flooring. But not everyone knows about its worth. Undoubtedly, it is a durable and long-lasting flooring technique worth your investment. Once you spend your money on this method, you do not have to do anything for several years.

But there are always advantages and disadvantages. It is better to consider them before you implement them. You must pick the right color or design because you cannot remove it easily and replace the old one. You have to be careful about your choice. But overall, it is worth spending your money to put the epoxy resin mixed with hardener on your garage floors for a smooth and shiny finish.