How Does a Cattle Crush Work?

When you are looking to buy a cattle crush, it is important to understand how they work in order to know what to search for. That will help you choose the right one for your needs since although all of them have similar features, they are used for different purposes. This blog post will discuss the different parts of a cattle crush and how they work together to restrain and process cattle so you can understand better and make the best possible choice when purchasing one. We will also talk about some of the different types of cattle crushes available on the market today and explain further each of them. If it is not enough information for you, you can also check this website and find more information:

What Is it?

A cattle crush is a piece of farm equipment used to safely restrain cattle for various husbandry procedures such as vet checks, tagging, foot trimming, and branding. Crushing cattle in a crush also makes it easier to administer certain types of medication as the animal cannot run away or move.

There are many designs of cattle crushes, but they all share the same basic features necessary to restrain the animal. These include head gates, side panels, and a floor with a drain. Some of them also have features such as neck extenders and head yokes to provide an even higher level of control.

How Does it Work?


A cattle crush works by restraining the animal in a small space so we can safely perform various procedures on it whenever necessary. It is the best way to protect the animal from hurting itself and protect us from being hurt by the animal too. The head gate is used to keep the animal’s head in place, while the side panels prevent it from moving its body, so the animal cannot move and run away. Depending on the crush we use, we can achieve different levels of control, so we need to choose the one that meets our requirements. The floor of the crush has a drain to allow any fluids to be removed quickly and easily, which makes an entire procedure simpler and cleaning less complicated.

Different Types of Cattle Crushes

There are a few different types of cattle crushes available on the market that have a similar but still different purposes. These include:

1. Standard Crates

Standard crates are the most basic type of cattle crush and the most common ones that can be seen on farms. They have head gates and side panels but do not usually have any additional features. Standard crates are more suited to simpler operations when we need to restrain fewer cattle at the same time.

2. Squeeze Crates


Squeeze crates are similar to standard ones but with one significant difference – they have side panels that can be moved inwards to ‘squeeze’ the animal. Because of that, they are often used for procedures such as dehorning where extra restraint is needed as they provide much more control than standard ones.

3. Portable Crushes

Portable crushes are designed to be easily moved around the farm, and we can use them in various situations and different areas whenever necessary. They usually have wheels or skids so that they can be easily transported from one area to another without too much effort. Portable crushes are often used on larger farms where different types of husbandry procedures need to be carried out in different locations. Their price is much higher than the regular ones, but they can be a real lifesaver for bigger farms, so if you are the owner of one like that, there is no better choice. They look just like standard ones but have a much wider usage compared to them, thanks to the option to move them around easily.

4. Head-Only Crates


As the name suggests, head-only crates only have a head gate and no side panels, which means they are used only to restrain an animal’s head. These are designed for very quick and easy vet checks or other husbandry procedures that do not require the animal to be fully restrained and do not last long. Regarding that, they are unsuitable for all procedures and should only be used when necessary, while in other situations, it is better to use a different type that can provide more control. It is important to know because the animal’s head is not restrained as securely as in a full cattle crush, and performing some longer procedures can cause many problems, which is pretty unsafe for both you and the animal.

When choosing the best one, it is important to consider the needs of your farm and the types of procedures that will be carried out because it is the only way to choose the best possible one. There are many different designs on the market, so there is sure to be one that suits your requirements and only needs to be found.

Choosing the Right One

When choosing a cattle crush, we need to consider the size of our operation and the types of procedures we will carry out. If we are only going to be doing quick and easy vet checks, then a head-only crate may be suitable, as these procedures can be done in a few minutes and do not require extra restraint. On the other side, if we are aware that we will need to carry out more complex procedures, a standard or squeeze one would be a much better and safer option. A portable one may be the best choice since it can be easily moved around the farm if we are running a larger operation. It is also perfect for big farms because we do not need to buy more of them, as we can simply move this one around wherever necessary.

Whatever our needs are, there is sure to be a cattle crush that is right for us, and we need to do proper research in order to choose the best one for our farm.

How Much Does it Usually Cost?


The cost of a cattle crush can vary depending on the size and features, so it is important to know what we need and which of them can meet our requirements before deciding to buy one of them. Standard ones start at around $500, while squeeze crates can cost up to $2000, which is a noticeable difference. Knowing what our needs are can save us a lot of money, especially if we need to buy more than one cattle crush. Portable crushes are usually more expensive, starting at around $3000, but they offer us the most freedom as we can move them wherever we want and as many times as we want.

Head-only crates are the most affordable option, with prices starting at just $200. However, as they only restrain the animal’s head, they are not suitable for all procedures, so make sure it is the best choice before buying.

Make sure to carefully consider your needs before choosing the best product, as you can find many of them on the market created for various purposes. The right one will make your life easier and help to keep your animals safe during various procedures, and also you.

Plus, make sure to double-check the size to ensure that the cattle crush you choose will be able to accommodate your animals. Nothing is worse than buying one that is too small, having to return it, and waiting for the new one!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect cattle crush, you’ll be ready to get started with your husbandry procedures. Just make sure to do proper research and pick one that is right for your farm.