Home Decoration: Kitchen Design Ideas

Decorating your new home is fun and creative. As much as we love to transform a house into a home, it can be sometimes stressful. There are a lot of things that should be considered when designing the new house and the kitchen is the focal point of every home.

People spend the most time in the kitchen and that’s one room where everyone sits together, laughing and talking while having a meal. Because you will most likely spend a lot of time there it’s important to make it nice, cozy and stylish.

Here, we are going to give you some ideas on how to decorate your kitchen so it looks like it’s from the cover of the best home decoration magazine, but at the same time, it’s practical.

Color Palette

Image source: onekindesign.com

When it comes to kitchen ideas, the colors are the first thing everyone notices. Because of that, you should choose unique, bold colors, but at the same time keep it toned down so it’s not too “loud”. It does not sound possible, does it? Well, there is a way to do that!

Use 3 main colors for your kitchen.

  • Color 1: This is usually an existing color that cannot be changed. The color of the cabinets and countertops. This color is usually neutral, but it can also be a bold, loud color.
  • Color 2: This should be a neutral color of your choice. It should complement Color 1 and it’s used as a décor backdrop.
  • Color 3: This is the color that makes your kitchen unique. Choose something unexpected. Make sure it works with your palette and choose a color that makes the room pop. This color can be used everywhere, starting from accessories, to bar stools and even vases and cookware.

Once you’ve chosen the 3 colors, buy different paint swatches in the shades of the colors you’ve chosen and match and shuffle them till you find the right combination. When you have the final 3 colors make sure you buy enough paint to paint the whole kitchen.

If you are not sure what colors would look good or if you are not sure how they would look at a larger scale, consider consulting with a professional.

Focal Point

Image surce: pinterest.com

When you walk in the next kitchen, remember what you notice first. There should be a focal point in every room and there are several ways to make everyone notice it.

Here are some things that could be the focal point of your kitchen.

  • One wall – you can paint one wall in Color 3 of your palette. This will make the wall pop and it will give depth to your kitchen.
  • The countertop – get a unique countertop or a bar that will divide your kitchen in two. Find something in bold colors, unique design or shape. Here, you will put a great sink, and to make sure you find the right one, read an article on Decent Home Décor. Washing the dishes might never be enjoyable, but the proper sink makes the kitchen looks good.
  • Picture – find a large picture that will show off your personality. Find an empty wall in your kitchen and hang it there. You can combine a “loud” wall color with a toned-down large picture.

Be fearless when choosing the focal point. Get a mural made, get crazy bar stools or anything else you want. It’s just one thing, so you should not be afraid to go over the top.


Image source: kucica.net

The best way to add depth to your kitchen and make it chic and modern is to add good shelves. The latest trend when it comes to home decoration are open shelves.

The best thing about open shelves is that they create a visual space that makes the kitchen different and unique. One of the few bad things about this type of shelves is that you will have to hide the Tupperware and the mismatched glasses in closed-door cabinets.

Place a few floating shelves on an open wall, or if you have a bigger kitchen, save one wall only for shelves like these. They come in so many different shapes and sizes that you won’t be able to choose.

Keep the things on the minimal and make sure they are color coordinated so you get that magazine look in your kitchen.

Another thing you can do is take the doors of a cabinet that you already have, add wallpaper on the back of the cabinet or paint it. This way you have your own DIY open shelves. You can also add LED or battery-powered lights under the cabinet to give it depth and a new style. No matter how you decide to decorate or paint your cabinets, make sure the work you put in lasts. Kitchen Cabinet Depot recommends that you use a polyurethane finish. A polyurethane varnish finish is actually a tough plastic seal that is very hard to penetrate.

Wall Design

Image source: hgtvhome.com

When you are done with all the big elements in your kitchen, like the countertops, chairs, and cabinets now is the time to add personal touches to your kitchen.

By adding these things, you will show you and your family’s personality and make your kitchen a warmer and a cozier place to be in. Choose these things carefully and consult with your family if there is something they would want to add.

If you are not sure what you can add to your walls to make them pop, open a few home décor magazines and gather the items you think would look best in your kitchen.

Some of the things you can use to add a personal touch to your walls are:

  • Vintage dishes
  • Framed album covers
  • Empty antique frames with different designs, size and shape
  • Variety of mirrors
  • Baskets
  • Framed wallpapers.

There are actually no design rules that you should follow when you add the finishing touches to your kitchen. The only thing you should pay attention to is not to make the walls or the whole space look too crowded.

Symmetrical, patterned or freestyle placement are all good approaches. Before adding the things on the walls, you should lay them down on the floor and choose the best combination. This way you won’t have to drill extra holes in the walls and you can easily swap things if you don’t like how the design looks.

No matter what you choose for your kitchen, as long as you like it, it looks amazing! Remember that you can change things if you don’t like them and you can always try new designs and colors.