Learn How To Grow Orange Trees In Containers At Home – 2024 Guide

One of the most understated joys in life is growing your very own herb garden. It’s a charming and useful occupation with many benefits. Whether you’re a green thumb who wants to take on the citrus family or simply someone who wants to learn how to grow orange trees in containers, this article is for you!

While gardening is not an easy hobby – it can take years to become a green thumb- it’s certainly an occupation that comes with many benefits. For starters, you get to spend more time outdoors in the sun and are able to control the number of chemicals and pesticides your herbs, fruit, and vegetables get. Out of all the perks gardening comes with, this is probably the most important.

However, growing and cultivating organic produce isn’t just the only major benefit of gardening. Upon harvest, especially in the case of orange trees, you can extract the citrus oil yourself. Essential orange oil is derived from the peels of oranges. Although the oil itself bitter, it does have various uses. For example, it can be used to improve your health thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. It also improves the circulatory system by aiding blood circulation. You can discover more on this topic on HomeRemedies.Life.

Learn How To Grow Orange Trees In Containers At Home
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How To Grow Orange Trees In Containers:

The concept of growing trees and plants in containers is called ‘container gardening’. It’s all the rage in various circles, especially urban ones because it allows one to make the most out of small spaces. Thanks to the addition of new breeds of dwarf citrus trees, growing oranges, and lemons in containers have never been more favorable!

A dwarf citrus tree can even be grown indoors during winter, though we strongly advise against that in the case of an orange tree. They need hot weather and plenty of sunlight. Nevertheless, citrus tree, in the right conditions, are easy to grow and simple to take care of. Learn how to grow orange trees in containers by reading the steps below!

Materials List

  • Container
  • Fertile potting soil
  • Gardening gloves
  • Trowel or shovel
  • Citrus fertilizer
  • Dwarf citrus tree


  1. Choose The Right Container: Citrus trees as well as dwarf citrus, require a large container. We recommend a 24” across the top and equally deep.
  2. Buy Your Tree: There are many varieties of citrus trees out there. Make sure you do your research beforehand to ensure your tree is compatible with the climate you live in.
  3. Fertile soil: You can buy fertile soil almost anywhere. So buy enough to fill your container halfway up with potting soil.
  4. Choose The Right Time to plant: In most cases, planting a tree should only be done during a special time of the year. For most plants, it’s early spring or fall. For an orange tree, it’s anytime it’s hot. Carefully remove your orange tree from its container and place it in the pot. Gently break up the root ball before plating. After that, fill up the rest of the pot with the fertile soil.
  5. Water: After you finish planting, water the container thoroughly to make sure the root ball is completely hydrated.
  6. Fertilize On a Regular Basis: Wait 4 weeks after planting, to start feeding your citrus tree fertilizer. Start by adding a moderate amount of citrus-specific fertilizer. Each fertilizer comes with its own specific instructions. Make sure you follow them!
  7. Climate: We cannot stress this enough! The success of growing an orange tree is mostly dependant on the climate in your area. Unlike lemon trees, orange trees require hot weather and lots of sunshine – at least 6 hours a day! Make sure your orange tree gets plenty of light.
  8. Harvest: The final, and most rewarding step, is the harvesting. Allow your oranges to ripen upon the tree. Unlike other fruits, citrus ones don’t ripen after being picked. In order to figure out if the oranges are ripe, you will have to pick one and taste it. When it comes to oranges and lemons, the color of the fruits is not a very reliable indicator of ripeness.
Learn How To Grow Orange Trees In Containers At Home
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Hopefully, our short guide on learning how to grow orange trees in containers at home will help you on your way to becoming a green thumb! After all, the trouble is worth the prize! Besides the incredible home remedies of essential orange oil, eating the fruit is also linked to health improvements: improves skin tone, fights oxidative stress, and improves the immune system.