Save Energy With Cooling Sheets in the Summer – 2024 Guide

Everybody wants to take the right steps in preventing global warming. Saving on energy and electricity is one of the most popular steps any of us can take. Some might be afraid of the sacrifices that are required, but don’t worry! I will go through some methods that do not require much effort at all from you.

Turning off the lights when you leave the room, keeping the fridge door closed are just a couple of ways to save energy we grew up knowing to do. But there are other steps you can take that can also help save the planet with very little effort from you. Below are some ideas anyone can take to stay cool during the summer nights while saving energy.

“Bamboo Sheets” are Cooler than Cotton Sheets

Bamboo Sheets
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Replacing your cotton sheets with cooling sheets instead is one of the steps you can take without any effort. It can be as simple as choosing to purchase bamboo sheets that are naturally cooler than cotton. Bamboo fabrics are “Naturally” 3 degrees cooler than cotton fabrics.

Bamboo sheets have become very affordable and can be found in many local stores as well as online shops. This small upgrade in bedsheets will pay for itself within a few months with the amount of energy saved from cooling costs.

Bamboo-Comfort has all the information and reviews you need to help you find the “Best Bamboo Sheets for Cooling” here.

“Night Sweat Sheets” Keep You Cool and Dry at Night

Another way to save energy without any effort is to upgrade to sheets that absorb sweat while you sleep. If you suffer from sweating at night while you sleep, you probably use a de-humidifier to keep you dry.

With night sweat sheets, you can save all that electricity the de-humidifier uses during the night and day while it’s running. In this case, you get to sleep more comfortably and dry while “keeping it green” at the same time!

Advanced “High-Performance Cooling Sheets”

Many of the latest advancements in technology has begun to make its way into the modern bedroom. This is especially true when it comes to high-performance bed sheets.

Companies have adopted the same type of fabric famous brand names such as “Dri-Fit” by Nike and “Heat-Gear” by Under Armor use to make heat-absorbing clothing for athletes. This special microfiber blend absorbs heat away from the body and keeps it cool and dry.

Bamboo Sheets
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Until recently the technology was restricted to athletic clothing. Companies are now beginning to use the same type of microfiber to make advanced sheets that have the same cooling features. The only downside of high-performance sheets is they are completely synthetically manufactured. So if you are looking for a more organic alternative, stick with bamboo viscose sheets.

Regardless of which type of cooling sheets you decide to use from the ones mentioned above, you will definitely get a cooler night’s sleep. Just don’t forget the most important part, which is to lower your cooling costs by cutting down on your energy bill.