Maine Certifies More Than 500 Organic Farms: This Week’s Industry News

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MOFGA Certifies More Than 500 Organic Farms and Processors
The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) announced that Maine has more than 500 certified organic farms and processors, according to MOFGA Certification Services LLC (MCS). About 464 farms and 46 processors are certified by MOFGA Certification Services. Almost 6 percent of Maine’s 8,200 farm operations are certified organic. The figure is about 0.6 percent nationwide.

SIMBA Traceability Systems Improves Connectivity to Label Applicator Systems
Dynamic Systems announced an upgraded interface for the SIMBA line of Barcode Tracking & Labeling Solutions. This upgrade gives the processor/packer the ability to handle, label and track their products faster from any location “field to customer”.  The label applicators provide hands-free and automated labeling of individual cases for PTI and other customer requirements.