Mini Loaders – The Ideal Farming Machine in 2024

When it comes to day to day farming machinery, most of us think only of tractors. These can pull various attachments such as cultivators, ploughs and sowing machines to make life easier for farmers. Large tractors from brands such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, and New Holland can often be found working the land with ease. Smaller models also exist from these brands which are suitable for small holdings and yard work. It is in this environment where a new type of farming machine sees a surge in popularity.

Advancements in the mini and skid loader markets have led to a boost in sales for various manufacturers. Most large farms now have a skid loader for farmyard tasks such as mucking out or feeding cattle, but mini loaders are becoming increasingly popular.

Mini Loaders
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Some Popular Mini Loader Brands

Brands such as Avant and MultiOne offer various mini loaders with different power outputs – this means there’s a machine for everyone. They are often available with a wide selection of attachments and tools to make farming work much easier. Take Avant for example, they offer everything from all-round grapple attachments through to silage forks, feed movers and bale handlers. They even offer slurry mixer tools, grain dispensers, and big bag transporters. You can find the full range of Avant Loaders from one of their suppliers here. MultiOne also offers many similar attachments suitable for farmers.

Benefits of Mini Loaders

Mini compact loaders have numerous benefits over their skid steer counterparts. First, they tend to have a longer wheelbase, giving them better counterbalance. This helps to increase the tipping point, making mini loaders far more versatile. Larger models also tend to have a far better lifting capacity, allowing farmers to use them for a more varied range of jobs. When it comes to more delicate jobs such as ground maintenance, mini loaders tend to be more delicate when it comes to driving on turf. Accessibility of the cabin is also a benefit of a mini loader as they are entered from the sides. Due to the nature of their design, most skid steers are accessed from the front, over the boom and tools. This can be hazardous in some instances, requiring more care when jumping in and out of the cab.

Other Industries

The vast array of attachments available for mini loaders makes them suitable for other industries too. Attachments can be found for a wide selection of different industries including; landscaping, property maintenance and construction/demolition. Some mini loaders even have their use in a private home garden setting and are available with a variety of lawnmower attachments. This shows how versatile a mini loader can be – not just for a farmer, but for a whole host of professions or personal use.

Mini Loaders

Back to farming – and loaders such as those from Avant can even be specified with a tow bar and choice of trailer/tipper. Varying sizes of front buckets and even a high tip bucket are on offer depending on the capacity of the machine you buy. It only adds to the benefits they can offer the farming industry.

Choosing The Right Loader

It all comes down to your needs. You should always consult a reputable supplier of farming equipment to recommend a suitable model for your needs. Both skid steer and articulated compact loaders are often available with different power outputs, with the larger models/engines able to handle a more varied workload. Always consider this when making your choice.


Mini loaders can be bought from many different dealers worldwide and are especially popular in the United Kingdom and the US. Will you invest in a mini loader for your farm? Have your say in the comments section below.