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5 Ways Mulching Can Save the Farmer’s Time and Labour – 2020 Guide


Mulching is an old technique used by farmers to protect their fields against different factors. The most common beneficial aspect of mulching includes water preservation and …

Farm Machines

Mini Loaders – The Ideal Farming Machine in 2020

David D. Connerby:

When it comes to day to day farming machinery, most of us think only of tractors. These can pull various attachments such as cultivators, ploughs and …

Farm Life

Top 4 Tips for Winning a Farmer Girl’s Heart in 2020


Whether you’re a country boy yourself or not, you should know that getting a farmer girl to like you is no picnic. Regardless of how you …

Farm Life

Love on a Farm: How to Find Someone Who Loves the Land as Much as You – 2020 Guide


If you work the land and love everything that goes with it, you’ll want a partner who understands exactly what this means. For starters, it would …


5 Tips to Becoming a Successful First-Time Farmer

Growing Magazineby:

Agriculture is the backbone of life. However, with the average age of a farmer in the United States being 56 years old, it’s becoming crucial that …