Plasma Lighters: All You Should Know About Them

Lighters are often disregarded because they are the items we use every day. New technology gadgets are coming out each year, and they are quite innovative, but plasma lighters are taken for granted. Only a small number of people is familiar with these lighters, how they work and what they are all about.

No matter how far we have come when it comes to gadgets, lighters will always be used in homes in different parts of the world. And plasma lighters are the future.

What are Plasma Lighters?

Plasma lighters could be considered to be a form of electric lighters. They are using plasma, and in most cases, four electrodes are located on the tip. And these can be distinguished between +ve and –ve. Also, remember that they are located on the opposite sides of the body.


Plasma Lighters

By pushing the button, the electrodes will be ionized to the maximum, and that ionization is spread through the air. Consequently, air gets ionized as well and the movement of the electrons causes the spark to move as well. The two electrodes are connected with a spark and since there are four of them on most plasma lighters, the letter X will be formed. On those lighters with only two electrodes, you will see just an ark.

And all that is left for you is to ignite the stove, paper, a candle or whatever you plan on setting on fire.

How do they work?

These lighters will make your lives easier because they are powered by electricity. We have already mentioned that these should be considered as a special type of electric lighters. The batteries are recharged through a USB port, and it doesn’t take long for it to fully replenish their capacity.

Types of Plasma Lighters

The good news is that plasma lighters are not complicated to distinguish. There are two types, and the differences between them are small. For instance, the first plasma lighters come with four electrodes, which means that when activated, an “X” will be formed. The second type features two electrodes, and a single ark is created.


Which one’s better depends on your needs and preferences. The ones with “X” generate more heat, which makes them more powerful, but they will drain the battery more quickly. Single-arc lighters are slightly less powerful, but their battery consumption is slightly lower. Lighters are not something we use all day every day which means that even if it has to be charged from time to time, it is not a big deal.


Plasma Lighters

How long the battery lasts depends on a particular model. Whereas some plasma lighters need to replenish the battery after only one day of use, usually, they will last between 3 and 4 days. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art gadgets can hold up to a week!

Now that you know what plasma lighters are and some basic information about them, it is high time you have scrolled through the web and found the lighter for you. Connecting Directly with Consumers – read about.