Portable Living: 5 Things to Consider Before Owning a Relocatable House

Everyone has priorities when buying a house. We all have our own different preferences in how we want our dream home to look like. However, buying or owning a home is not as easy as others think. One can quickly get off track along the process since it is pretty complex and time-consuming. Listing the things to consider will help guide you through the process without sacrificing the critical features your family needs. After all, a house is one of the most expensive assets and investments one could have.

Nowadays, relocatable homes are getting famous due to their benefits. These types of houses have become the alternative housing choice because of the increasing prices of traditional houses. It has wheels and an exposed trailer coupler that makes the home easily movable, which mostly looked like a modern-day camper. In addition to this, families who have an informal living lifestyle or often relocate suit this type of house as it is one practical solution. So, are you interested in living in a relocatable house? If you are considering owning a relocatable home, you have to take this chance to check on the following things to consider before closing the deal.

1. Costs Involved

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First and foremost, planning your financial capability is essential in choosing your home. Make sure that you won’t pour all your money down the drain for the overall cost of your house. Each type of home has different pricing plans since space and size determine its value.

Also, considering financing your relocatable home the same way as building a typical home is a crucial tip. It includes things such as transportation costs for your home to be delivered to your desired location, buying furniture, as well as household amenities. Many experts advise having a mortgage not greater than 25% of your monthly income. Other financings can reach up to 30% of your monthly income. In deciding on things like this, consider the taxes, maintenance, budget, and additional fees that may arise.

Companies with online sites like stunningtinyhomesandmodulars.com offer various tips upon assessing the type of home that suits you and your finances. Feel free to visit this website to learn tips about tiny homes, modular houses, and more.

2. Size of the House

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One of the characteristics that make relocatable homes so practical is their sizing. Not only does it make your lifestyle more minimalist and simple, but it also uses lightweight materials. In addition, it can be delivered as an empty house also adds up to being one sensible housing choice. These factors make the house’s size the second important thing to consider when deciding. Luckily, relocatable homes offer a variety of size options regarding the spacing and the width and height that will suit every buyer.

Smaller families could use tiny homes with compacted one-bedroom, cabins, and granny flats. This choice is ideal if you need an extra room which can be used as a multipurpose bedroom. In contrast, larger families can have the option of having a home with 2 – 3 bedrooms that can be adjusted to make use of the space if needed. The good thing about relocatable homes is these are usually customizable to suit your needs.

3. Custom Design or Standard Plan

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Having the typical square house designs are now kind of out-of-date. Nowadays, homes have diverse standardized plans and strategies to choose from or customize according to the family’s needs, as long as you are guided by a home builder or a professional. For example, most modular homes are made of lightweight materials such as ply and steel with wooden or carpet flooring and finished with insulated walls to keep the house warm.

If you want your dream relocatable home to look unique or show your preferences, the interiors can be customized or adjusted according to the owner’s choice. Changes can be from the design of the kitchen to the type of flooring, the furniture to use, floor plans, porches, windows, and more. Don’t be pressured and take your time making these decisions for your house. Always consult with a professional home builder, like Stunning Homes and Modulars, for any adjustments and customisations you want in your home.

4. Choosing the Right Company

Same with financial planning that needs the guidance of a financial advisor, buying a relocatable house also needs to have the right advisors to guide you until you achieve your dream house. It is vital to have an experienced set of operators familiar with all the provisions that need to be met and other considerations such as inspections of the house and the site you are moving to. In addition, the consents required before moving, which need to be taken into account, will be taken care of by the company you partnered with.

5. Moving Necessities

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All house removals and movements often happen at night time. Therefore, it is also essential to apply and get insurance for the house while it is still in its original location, then cover the insurance for the move itself and while the house is in transit. Insurance will assure you that the house will be secured even if you encounter problems while it is in the process of moving. You also have to remember that safety procedures adhere to the health and safety laws. When you insure your home, you are guaranteed that your hard-earned money is not put into waste should unforeseeable circumstances damage your house.


Choosing a suitable home needs some considerations before being accomplished. Being true to your priorities is essential in finding the right home for you and your family. Evaluating the chosen home if it suits the family’s lifestyle is also important aside from the items mentioned above to consider. These items for consideration might take some effort and time from you, but if this will result in having the comfort of living with your family, it is worth the effort. Check here for more information.

With the increasing costs of traditional houses, many people are starting to consider relocatable houses. Not only are these homes relatively affordable, but it also has many benefits for you, your loved ones, and the environment. If you’re not yet decided if a relocatable home is the right home for you, consider the abovementioned tips before owning a relocatable home.