Guide To Roof Repair And Replacement

When you’ve done your roofing on your newly constructed home, you may not imagine that someday you will need some repairs or even a replacement. But some years down the line, you begin to see the color change, some peeling, and if something is not done, there could be glaring dents and leakage. That doesn’t have to happen if you’re careful. You can do the regular maintenance of the roof by a reputable repair and replacement company. When you can’t repair anymore and have to replace, they will help you do that easily.

Your roof is essential; besides giving shelter, it supports several equipment and features like solar panels, skylights, antennas, gutters, satellite dishes, etc. With time, any roof can get moldy; none is impervious, and therefore keeping it clean makes it healthy.

The roofing materials


Asphalt shingles, clay tile, metal, slate, and cedar shakes are the most common roofing materials. The Asphalt shingle roofs are less expensive, but their lifespan is shorter compared to the others. They are made of aggregate layers and limestone filler. When the aggregate is worn out, there are bare areas on the shingle surface. The roof can no longer play its role of protecting the house.

Slate and tile roofs are not susceptible to hail, wind and rain but can suffer breakage from other forces like branches falling on them, people walking n them, or getting hit by hard objects. When the slates crack or break, moisture and heat can get underneath. Thus you need to keep repairing the tile roof for cracks and breaks to avoid such.

Cleaning the roof to keep it healthy


In areas with high heat and humidity, roofs tend to get moldy, and no roof is impervious to mold. Thus keeping it clean is the surest way of giving it a long life. The appearance of your roof will be affected by mildew, and therefore regular cleaning of the roof will keep it appealing and elevate the asking price in case you want to sell it off.

Molds can change the tile roof by sending micro roots into fissures and cracks, widening them and thus compromising the tile’s integrity. When mold is on asphalt shingles, the roof becomes hotter and more heat is absorbed. The mold can also feed on the filler in the aggregate and thus break it down and shorten the lifespan.

Signs that you need roof repairs

Curled, cracked, or missing shingles: when you see these signs, you know that the shingles are nearing the end of their life. Thus you need to call the roofing expert to help you repair it.

Dark dirty or wet shingles: If moisture is penetrating through the shingles, they have lost grip and need replacement. That should be done immediately to avoid more moisture penetrating and destroying the inner side of the roof.

Presence of lots of shingle granules on the gutter: when shingles start to wear out, they begin to wear out by shedding their granules. The granules find their way into the gutters-they look like black sand.

Wear and tear around openings and roof objects: Vents, pipes, chimneys, and other objects that penetrate your roof are the first places where degeneration begins. You can confine your fixes t these places.

Stains on the interior: Discoloration of walls or water staining can be caused by several things. But the underlayment of your roof may be allowing moisture to penetrate your home and thus the stains. Hence, you need to replace the roof.

Leaks after a rainstorm: If rain begins to get into your attic, the solution here would be to replace some flashing. But if the culprit is a porous underlayment, you may need a roof replacement.


When the roof deck is sagging: If the rafters or decking in your roof in your attic is sagging downward, it could be because of wetness from leaking moisture. Thus you may need a roof replacement, but if that wetness is localized, you allow a roofing expert to repair the roof and replace the shingles that have lost grip.

Presence of outside light in the attic: If you can see streams of light coming through the roof during the day, you need to know that water can invade your roof through the same openings, and thus you need repairs immediately.

Increased energy bills: If there’s a sudden spike in your air conditioning or heating costs, the cool air may be leaking through your roof, but if you address the ventilation issue, then the heating/ cooling costs will go down significantly.

How to choose a roof repair and Replacement Company


When looking for a repair or replacement company, it’s an opportunity for you to fix what you’ve wished for all the time. You need to get the best roofing Cambridge company such as DangeloAndSons to do the work for you. And here are a few guidelines for choosing the best.

  • A license

When choosing a roof repair company, you have to consider its credibility. You know the company is credible if they’ve got the right licenses to operate in the area. Thus, you should determine whether they have the requisite documents to prove it.

Again, you must seek proof of insurance. A reputable roofing company knows the risks involved in the work and therefore gets insurance against property damage and personal liability—that way, your property and those around the working area are covered in case of an accident. For more information, click here.

  • Location

When choosing a roof repair company, don’t look for roofing companies miles away. There are always local companies that would do a great job. Search for a reputable one- you can get referrals from friends and relatives or even check on their website’s feedback page. A local contractor is affordable and will give you great services because they know they will need you tomorrow for more jobs. It takes less time to have you sorted in case of an emergency. The advantages of working with a local roofing contractor are innumerable.

  • Cost

Every roofing company has its way of charging for services. When looking for one, your focus should be the cost per se but the value you get for your money. Do not go for roofers that charge less; you could be courting inefficiency. Most of those ‘cheap’ service providers you see every time can be a great disappointment.

Your family enjoys the warmth of the house because the roof is in good condition. If something happens and begins to leak or wear off, there’s a problem. That’s why you need to have regular roof maintenance by a reputable company.