Weathering Climate Change: Shaping the Future – 2023 Guide

Warmer winters, superstorms, floods, droughts, new pests, and diseases… If you’ve experienced any of these issues on your farm in the last 10 years, you may have thought it was an isolated incident, a hazard of farming in your particular environment on your specific piece of land. That may be true. However, if you connect … Read more

6 Common Misconceptions People Have About Climate Change – 2023 Guide

We see everyone including the media talking about climate change every single day, yet we’re still not sure what exactly that means and why it’s such a dangerous change. We know it’s bad, but we’re not sure in which way, especially with all the myths cruising around on that particular topic. We live in a … Read more

Make a Resolution for 2023 to Reduce Food Waste at Home To Make A Positive Impact on Climate Change

Everybody is talking about Climate Change these days. It seems that the topic has reached a tipping point. Climate activists, such as Greta Thunberg and scientists who are at the forefront of the Climate Crisis awareness movement, are calling for radical change in our contemporary way of life, both on a personal and collective level. … Read more

Slow-Growing Crops Can’t Escape Effects of Climate Change

Slow-Growing Crops

Pests, pathogens and irrigation are every grower’s challenge. And although these problems aren’t directly caused by climate change, as climate scientists and ag researchers have noted in previous columns, erratic and extreme weather caused by climate change has begun to, and will increasingly, exacerbate agriculture’s typical problems. – Slow-Growing Crops Forecasts suggest pests, pathogens and availability … Read more

5 Terms Farmers Need to Know Regarding Climate Change

5 Terms Farmers Need to Know Regarding Climate Change

Climate-smart, agricultural system, climate resilience, adaptive capacity, and soil carbon sequestration are terms that evolved to help farmers and researchers communicate about climate change. – Climate Change A climate-smart agricultural system is a farm designed to operate and thrive through the extreme conditions caused by a changing climate. The terms “climate resilience” and “adaptive capacity” refer … Read more