Harvesting Equipment: What Do You Need – 2024 Guide

Mechanized harvesting of fruit, nut, and vegetable crops is a reality, but it does come with its drawbacks. The price tag on commercial harvesting machinery can put it out of reach for many growers, particularly those who don’t have enough of one crop to warrant an investment in specialized equipment. “Harvesting is probably the other … Read more

Crop Selection: Choosing the Best Crops For Your Farm

Crop Selection

Before selecting crops for the upcoming season, review records for last season. Did you have any persistent disease issues in a particular crop? Did one crop do exceptionally well or very poorly? Did some varieties of lettuce bolt a lot earlier than others, leaving you without enough volume? By assessing where you’ve been, it’s easier … Read more

CrustBuster Introduces New Central Fill

CrustBuster / Speed King, Inc. is offering two drills in one with the new 4700 Series Central Fill – All Plant Drill which is both a central fill and a box drill. Growers can drill large acreages such as wheat or soybeans without stopping to refill seed boxes for a long period of time, saving … Read more