4 Things to Know About Fertilizing Fruits and Vegetables

Fertilizing Fruits and Vegetables

Here is what to look for when choosing a fertilizer for your fruits or vegetables. Fertilizing Fruits and Vegetables 1. Soil Sampling According to the University of Minnesota Extension, soil sampling is a basis for fertilizer application. Soil pH, salt content, zinc and phosphorus can be found in soil samples and potassium values can be taken … Read more

Issues Faced by Citrus Producers in Florida

Ask the question, “What is the biggest current concern for citrus producers in Florida?” and it is almost a guarantee that citrus greening or Huanglongbing (HLB) caused by a phloem-limited bacteria will be the answer. This bacterial disease transmitted by psyllids causes green, misshapen and bitter-tasting fruit, and eventually kills the citrus tree. The U.S. … Read more

ULVAC Introduces Vacuum Cooling Systems

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. a supplier of production systems, instrumentation and vacuum pumps for technology industries, has introduced vacuum equipment and systems for the food and floral markets. ULVAC is offering vacuum cooling systems for use in large-scale farms to extend product shelf life. The systems are mainly used for fresh agricultural products, including green leafy vegetables … Read more