ULVAC Technologies, Inc. a supplier of production systems, instrumentation and vacuum pumps for technology industries, has introduced vacuum equipment and systems for the food and floral markets.

ULVAC is offering vacuum cooling systems for use in large-scale farms to extend product shelf life. The systems are mainly used for fresh agricultural products, including green leafy vegetables and other types of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms.

Img source: ulvac.com

Vacuum cooling is usually applied shortly after the harvesting of crops, or cutting of flowers and mushrooms. ULVAC offers four models that can cool from two to six pallets of agricultural products per batch.

“The benefits that can be derived from vacuum cooling are: the extended freshness of products, that can be two to seven times longer than typical cold storage, and vacuum cooling is much faster than other types of cooling,” said Wayne Anderson, President of ULVAC Technologies, Inc.