How To Harvest Hemp? A Complete Guide

Throwing light on hemp harvest practices and post-harvest, Dr. Shelby Ellison, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Ph.D., says, “It’s a big learning curve, and it’s important to learn how to do it well before scaling up. You want it to be a learning experience, not a losing experience.” In 2023, the … Read more

Using Ramps on a Ranch in 2023

Living on a ranch is arguably more difficult than living in a city. First of all, in the city, you have everything close by and you don’t have that privilege when you live on a ranch. Also, there is much more physical work on a ranch. Accepting these challenges in front of you as daily … Read more

Useful Information on How to Get Fruitful Yields From Your Garden in 2023

The Secrets of Successful Gardening You can hardly find a person who doesn’t want to savor the home-grown vegetables, fruit, and berries. It’s well-known that the food you can buy at the supermarkets is not always high-quality. The organic samples are extremely expensive. That’s why more and more people start gardening in the expectation that … Read more

Orchards: Getting to Harvest (and Preventing Pre-Harvest Drop)

Orchards, Getting to Harvest

It’s a goal orchardists work toward all season: getting the crop to maturity for a bountiful, high-quality harvest of fruit. Depending on marketing outlets, the timing of harvesting related to fruit maturity can differ. Orchards, Getting to Harvest Growers offering pick-your-own typically want as much ripe fruit available on the trees when the majority of their … Read more