Orchards: Getting to Harvest (and Preventing Pre-Harvest Drop)

Orchards, Getting to Harvest

It’s a goal orchardists work toward all season: getting the crop to maturity for a bountiful, high-quality harvest of fruit. Depending on marketing outlets, the timing of harvesting related to fruit maturity can differ. Orchards, Getting to Harvest Growers offering pick-your-own typically want as much ripe fruit available on the trees when the majority of their … Read more

Guide to Growing Pumpkins from Seed to Harvest

Growing Pumpkins

Fall harvest is synonymous with pumpkins. From the smallest, palm-sized miniatures to the traditional medium-sized carving to the mammoth record-setting giants, pumpkins are a staple crop for growers nationwide. Pumpkins play an important role in our culture, from families celebrating the annual jack-o’-lantern carving tradition to home decorators looking for ornamental pumpkins to the foodies … Read more

Seeds for a big feast

I can’t believe it is November already! It feels like only yesterday that I was shaking hands with then-new editor Michael Freeze. Well… that was a year ago and he’s not new anymore. Time flies! As with show season, this is the time of year our minds go crazy. There are budgets for 2016, holiday … Read more