The Green Heart of Singapore ─ Nature, Wellness, and Sustainable Living

Singapore, often dubbed the “Little Red Dot,” is not just a bustling city-state but also a beacon of sustainability and green initiatives. Amidst its iconic skyscrapers and urban sprawl, Singapore has carved out a green heart that pulsates with life. This blog post delves deep into the verdant veins of Singapore, exploring the harmonious blend … Read more

5 Benefits Of Gardening For People With Dementia – 2023 Guide

Dementia can be very detrimental. Therefore, you often find that many organizations and companies like Assured Assisted Living are devoted to providing high-quality services to people suffering from these conditions. These organizations help in creating a safe and tranquil environment for them. It might break your heart to send away your loved ones to live under … Read more

The One Trillion Trees Initiative – Things You Should Know

The one trillion trees initiative is a campaign to increase the global amount of tree coverage. Multiple countries are working together to not only deter the world tree population from shrinking from deforestation, natural disasters, and land clearing for the agriculture and building industries but to hit the landmark target as the name suggests of … Read more