Publisher’s Letter: Fathers and Farms

Fathers and Farms

I hope you enjoyed our cover story about lettuce producer Mellon Farms. I was impressed by the number of acres, the efficiency of the farm, and most importantly, the fact that it is a third-generation family-owned operation. It is wonderful that Archie Mellon, the patriarch of the family, farmed with his son Doug years ago, … Read more

Publisher’s Note: Growing Onions from a Novice Gardener

Growing Onions

I hope everybody had the opportunity to read the onion stories in our April issue of Growing. I am not a professional vegetable grower, just a novice gardener, but I gained valuable information from them, especially “7 Tips for Growing Your Best Onion” and “Onion Seed Varieties.” Growing Onions   I love onions on and in … Read more

Seeds for a big feast

I can’t believe it is November already! It feels like only yesterday that I was shaking hands with then-new editor Michael Freeze. Well… that was a year ago and he’s not new anymore. Time flies! As with show season, this is the time of year our minds go crazy. There are budgets for 2016, holiday … Read more