I can’t believe it is November already! It feels like only yesterday that I was shaking hands with then-new editor Michael Freeze. Well… that was a year ago and he’s not new anymore. Time flies!

As with show season, this is the time of year our minds go crazy. There are budgets for 2016, holiday planning, travel schedules and, if that wasn’t enough, the weather is changing from summer to fall and then quickly winter. (We have already had an inch of snow in the Northeast!)

I was so excited to see the snow last month. I was even able to make a snow angel (See Below)! Yes, I may be nuts, but to me, it’s a little piece of Mother Nature’s beauty.

I hope you enjoyed reading our issue of Growing. We wanted to place a special emphasis on seed sources, nursery stock, and saplings. I know your mailboxes will be full of new 2016 catalogs from various seed companies. I recommend you give them a good look. They have spent a ton of hours to make sure you have this information at your fingertips!

Img source: wtop.com

There’s something profound when you think about seeds. It’s where it starts – then the foundation – the point where the growing begins. Those seeds grow to fruition. The finished product is a crop for consumption – and this time being the seeds of the holiday season if you will… it’s consumption at your Thanksgiving dinner table. We’ll take in so many homemade dishes that by the end of the day, we’re ready for a nice, long nap. Of course, your day is not complete until you have put on your sweatpants and have begun another round of feasting that includes that late-evening famous turkey sandwich and one more piece of pumpkin or apple pie!

The smell in the kitchen of turkey, vegetables and baked goods is due in part to the work of our seed producers of the industry! Many thanks to them and the many farmers working tirelessly. My wish is for you to take time to relax and enjoy the start of the holiday season.

And as it nears, I’m already excited to start on some Thanksgiving preparation. How about you? Don’t forget to share your family Thanksgiving dinner recipes on (http://www.facebook.com/growingmagazine).

Img source: newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org

As Michael mentioned in his column, we’re on the road, heading to the Great Lakes Expo (http://www.glexpo.com), Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the New England Fruit and Vegetable Conference (http://www.newenglandvfc.org), Manchester, New Hampshire. Be sure to stop by our booth, and say hi to the team!