Lawn Care: Tips for Home Owners in Calgary

Lawn Care

Lawn care is more than just a routine; it’s an art that involves patience, precision, and an understanding of the environment. For homeowners in Calgary, the challenge is even more pronounced due to the city’s unique climate. With extreme weather conditions ranging from harsh winters to dry summers, maintaining a lush, healthy grass requires a … Read more

8 Tips for Growing Lavender for Profit on Your Farm

Lavender is a highly flexible herb that has been used for centuries, believe it or not, for its fragrant aroma and medicinal properties. Because it provides so many great benefits for the well-being of the person, many farms are growing this plant and making different healthy skin products as a result, such as lavender farm … Read more

Planting and Soil Preparation – 2024 Guide

The key to getting a good stand, whether it’s a large-seeded crop, such as corn or soybeans, or a small-seeded one, such as spinach, carrots or leafy greens, is good seed-to-soil contact. A forage seed lying on the soil surface is less likely to germinate, especially for the larger seeds. While small seeds can germinate … Read more