Pruning Trees in the Winter – 2024 Guide

Pruning Trees in the Winter

Many trees require less water and get enough rain during the colder months, but it does not mean they should be neglected. During the winter season, when trees are dormant, tree pruning can be a crucial tree care activity, depending on your goals. While cutting the tree would solve your problem, and you can’t wait … Read more

Trees & Shrubs – Differences and How to Plant Them

trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are a long term investment. Be sure to choose the best variety for the location you want them to grow. Trees have their own growth habits and characteristics. Learn as much about them before you plant them, so you don’t have unwanted problems ten or twenty years later. Don’t plant a Sycamore … Read more

How to Take Care of Trees During Fall – 2024 Guide

A long period of extreme heat can make trees weak, which makes them more susceptible to infestations. Helping your tree recover from the summer season as they are heading into winter is very important in order to protect their health. Although the leaves might have started showing the autumn shades, you will still need to … Read more