7 Best Router Tables in 2024

Whether you are a professional wood artist, carpenter, or a DIY enthusiast, you probably know the importance of a router table. A top router table will make your life easier and improve your woodwork drastically. In fact, such unit will help you perfect dadoes and rabbets and achieve precision edges like never before. However, if you decide to purchase one, brace yourself! You will face plenty of options and models and choosing the best one can be a real headache.

When looking for a router table, you have to consider a series of features. Thus, you should note the size of the table, which should fit your needs. No one wants to end up with a small work area when there are plenty of projects to be done. Another factor worth considering is portability, especially if you’re doing field work. To make the buying process easier, we’ve created a list of the best models available on the market, which will help you decide which one to buy.

1. Kreg PRS1045

source: amazon.com

The Kreg PRS1045 is one of the best models on our list and it comes with a large 24” by 32” tabletop which isn’t bulky at all. Thus, the unit can be used for almost any woodworking project and the micro-adjust fence is an excellent feature. You can easily adjust the sturdy stand to meet your needs, from 31” and 39” in height. Additionally, the unit is easy to assemble which makes it very user-friendly. However, it’s important to note that the Kreg PRS1045 has one setback. There are some insert flaws, such as inconsistent inserts which come with up to 1/16” of warp in either direction.

2. Bosch RA1181

source: amazon.com

If you have a limited workspace, but need a high-quality and robust model, then the Bosch RA1181 benchtop is a perfect choice. You can attach the unit to most workbenches, which is ideal for shops where there is no space for a full cabinet router. This unit features adjustable feather boards for safe, reliable cuts, as well as, for cutting several boards in the same way quickly. Thus, the Bosch RA1181 benchtop is perfect for crafting your own floorboards. Likewise, it comes with a 2½-inch dust port which makes cleaning extremely easy. You will love the convenient pair of power outlets it comes with. When it comes to the setbacks this model has, we just have to mention that the fence is often hard to move and prone to sticking.

3. MLCS 2394

source: amazon.com

This extension table top and fence sports a universal router plate that can fit any model of a router from any brand. However, it comes with no brackets, which means that you’ll have to make your own to attach your router. Additionally, there are also other shortcomings, such as its price tag which is a bit on the higher end, and there is a low-quality base plate that is hard to level. Besides these red flags, this product is an excellent device designed to mount to the side of a workbench. So, if you consider this to be an important feature for you and decide to deal with the downsides, you should definitely think about getting this model.

4. SKIL RAS900

source: homedepot.com

The Skil RAS900 is a great value for money model and you’ll find it extremely easy to assemble it. It sports great feather boards and clamps, which will make all tasks easier. Moreover, this unit comes with a starter pin and guard for high-quality circular cuts, which is a huge plus for a model at such an affordable price tag. You will also love the easy bit changes through the tabletop with this device which will save you plenty of time while you switch between projects. Nevertheless, when it comes to its limitations, the Skil RAS900 might be challenging to install some router models on and it is likely to have trouble with the motor assembly slipping down. Other than that, this model is a great value for money, which means you get a superb device for a low price.

5. Dremel 231

source: amazon.com

If you have a limited budget, but still want to get a good and durable unit, you definitely need to take a closer look at the Dremel 231. It fits most regular tables and benches, meaning you’ll save money than investing in a full table. It is compatible with all Dremel tools and will save you plenty of space in your workshop area. Furthermore, there is an adjustable fence, which you can customize according to your own preference. You’ll also love the eight inches by six inches work area, which is just ideal for small basic tasks. So, this budget-friendly model is great for beginner woodworkers or for advanced tasks with small pieces of wood.

6. Craftsman Combo 37595

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If you want a router and a router table, you should definitely give this combo a try. The Craftsman Combo 37595 is the perfect model to get started with routing. The powerful router runs at 27,000 rpm and operates on 9.4 amps. Likewise, there is a power strip under the table to keep your tools plugged. This unit was created using high-quality materials, such as thick MDF covered in a laminate for the surface and heavy-duty plastic for the legs. The table measures 11 inches by 16 inches, which is great for most small to medium-sized projects. You’ll love the single dust extraction port on the back where you can easily attach a hoover. Buying a combo set isn’t only convenient, but also very efficient.

7. Bench Dog 40-001

source: amazon.ca

If you need a portable, lightweight and effective model, you should consider the Bench Dog 40-001. The unit has no extra power switch, but that doesn’t affect its functionality. The router of this unit is supported by dual steel rails which provide more solidity. Additionally, you will love working on the smooth laminate top surface without any friction. The Bench Dog 40-001 can be used for almost all projects, including ones that involve fragile materials. However, many users noticed that it’s hard to achieve precision with this device.