The List of Best Cordless Circular Saws in 2024

If you are an amateur or professional builder who often needs power tools to work, you must have the best models you can find. Good equipment is half the work done. Woodworkers know this the best, which is why most take time when purchasing a new circular cordless saw. This handy little electric tool will make your carpenter jobs easier and stress-free. All of the top brands of tools make them, and there are many awesome models with tons of features to choose from.

In this article, we will go over the best cordless circular saw models available in 2024. We will take a look into the features, functions and tech specifications they offer the users. Furthermore, we want to know what kind of power output, speed, control, and safety they give us. Lastly, you will learn about their cutting capacities, how deep they cut, and at which angles.

1. DEWALT DC390B 18-Volt


We start things off with a heavyweight in the game. Dewalt is a well-known name among the users of power tools, and this circular saw is no different. If you need to build a new deck, bookcase, or even some neat kitchen cupboards, you will require the right saw to do it. The DC390B 18-Volt cordless circular saw is the way to go every time. This beast machine is powerful and durable, and as such, an ideal solution for hard-core DIY customers. The DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack that powers it sells separately, as is the DW9117 15-minute charger.

The saw works at the speed of 3700 rpm and gives you fast rip and crosscuts. The blade is 6 ½’’ and carbide tipped, offering exceptional cutting both at 2 ¼” at 90, and at 1-5/8” at 45 degrees. The motor features replaceable brushes and a fan. The motor also has high strength magnesium shoe and an upper guard. Furthermore, if you want to cut through two-by lumber, the carbide-tipped blade gives you twice the cutting capacity of regular blades. For comfort and stability, the saw has a vibration-dampening rubber-grip handle, while only weighing 6.3 pounds.

2. Makita SH02R1 12V


We continue with famous power tool brands in this article. Makita is among the leaders in the industry, and this saw is a great example of why. The lightweight and compact saw can cut through plywood, MDF, pegboard, melamine, and drywall with ease, just to name a few. It only measures at 12-3/8 inches long, while at 3.5 pounds wit

h the battery, it is the lights on the list. This helps you with fatigue and comfort as well. The power saw runs on a 12V max CTX lithium-Ion ergonomic slide battery. It offers LED charge level indicator lights and makes the saw work at 1500 rpm.

The blade is 3-3/8“ and gives you a 1” cutting depth at 90, and 5/8” at 45-degree angles. The tilting base for bevel is also present, allowing zero to 45-degree cuts. The built-in dust blower is one more amazing feature, for more convenience and less mess. The handle is ergonomic and rubberized, with a soft grip for ultimate comfort. Changing the blade is easy thanks to the blade wrench attached to the saw. The last thing we will mention is safety, as Makita offers a battery protection circuit that protects the saw from overloading, overheating, over-discharging.

3. Black and Decker BDCCS20C 20V


Black and Decker is another big name in the line of power tools and home care equipment. They have been around for years, and it is more than clear why. Their saw is compact and very easy to use. Offering a great deal of power, it has a lot of value for its price tag. This saw is a bare tool without a battery but can work with most of the Black and Decker 20V max systems. When it comes to features, the saw offers a lot, like the bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees for more accurate angled cuts.

Offering a motor with high torque, the saw uses a fast 5.5-inch cutting blade for a wide variety of cuts. It does the job smoothly and quickly, and if you need adjustments, the tool-free depth of cut option is there. Every purchase comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. If a basic tool with good features is what you need, go with this Black and Decker model. Last of all, at 7.55 lbs. it is a little heavier than the completion, but not by a lot.



The Porter-Cable company is a trusty manufacturer of all things you need for construction and home care. Their PCC660B 20V circular saw offers an unreal 4000 rpm speed, and as such, it is the most powerful on the list. If aggressive cutting is your forte, get this saw without a second thought. It is the perfect choice for professional contractors to work with on the building site. It cuts through almost anything, it is lightweight enough at 6.5 lbs., and compact. It sells without a battery, and you will need a 20V Max System model to power it. Its 6.5-inch carbide tooth blade offers a 2-1/8’’ cutting capacity and a wide variety of cutting applications.

This manufacturer used non-traditional cutting applications with the beveling shoe that pivots up to 50 degrees. The material used is very durable steel. The handle is contoured over and molded, meaning it gives you ultimate comfort during longer periods on tough jobs. With every purchase of this Porter-Cable circular saw, the customer receives a 3-year limited warranty.

5. Bosch CCS180B 18V


To finish things off, here is one last big name in the industry, Bosch. Their cordless circular saw is the perfect option for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. It is a close second when it comes to speed and power, as it offers 3900 rpm. This is a lightweight model, weighing 6.6 pounds, while also being compact at 12.5” in length. Whatever your cutting task may be, it will do a great job. Its blade is 6.5 inches and it cuts through two-inch-thick materials at 90 degrees with ease.

The blade is on the left, which is a design that allows a clear view of the cut line for greater accuracy while holding it with your right hand. The exclusive feature is the anti-snag lower guard for more ease and comfort on the job. Furthermore, the saw sports a depth-of-cut gauge, and a bevel scale, as well as a heavy-duty aluminum foot and an upper guard. All of these additions make this Bosch saw more durable and suitable for demanding jobs. The bevel turns by 50 degrees and allows many different applications. Changing the blades is easy because of the lock feature. For safety, the motor has Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), which prevents overheating and overloading. Mind that the battery sells separately, as it does on most models.