The Use and Benefits of Topsoil and Companies Delivering Topsoil

You are of course familiar with soil, but you may not know that there are different types of soils that are not equal when it comes to planting a wide variety of things, such as grass, plants, and trees. The top few inches of soil is called the topsoil. Topsoil is the active layer of decaying materials that contain the majority of nutrients that are needed in order for plants to grow. High-quality topsoil is normally quite porous and it is able to keep the water in. Hence, it will reach the roots quicker, even if they are deep enough to penetrate the lower layer of soil, which is known as the subsoil. The use and benefit of topsoil are that it has the ability to retain necessary nutrients which sustain the plant life. The nutrients stored in the topsoil increase a quite healthy growth and it also gives the plant a stronger root structure. Good topsoil provides a place for plants to prosper, even in harsh conditions. Keep in mind that a lack of topsoil can destroy many plants.

Note that you don’t want to call the first topsoil company on the list to deliver it to you. There are different types of topsoil, including screened topsoil. Adding unscreened topsoil to the ground may result in it being covered with large tree debris, unwanted chunks of rock, and other material that are not good for plant growth. So, before calling a company, do some research on the topsoil companies available and the service that they offer.

 Benefits of Topsoil

What is Screened topsoil?

Screened topsoil is rich, crumbly, and soft soil with specific amounts of organic matter that has gone through the topsoil screener. It will create a smooth surface that will immediately be ready for planting without the need for additional preparations. You will notice that you will get good plant growth without the plants struggling in the debris that unscreened soil might have. If you are trying to grow a garden or flowerbed, screened topsoil is especially important and good for it.

In various areas, there are also different soils. Usually, there are a lot of rocks, roots, and materials that are found in unscreened topsoils. The best topsoils screen has to be the Trommel. A Trommel screener has a large drum that spins as a feeder supplies the topsoil into the drum. As the drum spins, the fine materials of the topsoils are separated and fed to a conveyor, while the debris, such as rocks and wood are discharged from the drum. As a result, the topsoil is screened and it will have the necessary nutrients in order for the plants to prosper.

Benefits of Topsoil


So, before choosing a company that will deliver topsoil for you, do some research. First, make sure that you know what kind of topsoil you will need. Check the companies website and make sure if the topsoil is screened or unscreened. Most of the website will have a material calculator, so you will be able to have an estimate on how much topsoil you will need in order for your garden to prosper and become more beautiful.