9 Things You Need to Know About LED Strip Lights in Your Home – 2024 Guide

Are you a fan of LED products or these lights? Well, they are some of the most asked-for products on the market. Nowadays, no one wants to use simple and plain lights when they know that they can spice it up with some proper LED models. These are gorgeous for your interior design, as well as perfect for people who are looking for a simple way to makeover their rooms. They are also quite easy to install and will suit men and women equally. Keep on reading and figure out all there is to know about LED lights.

1. You can choose between different lengths

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Which brand or manufacturer are you going for? Well, different brands and different sites will have their own unique options to offer. Most times you will get to choose anywhere from 5-10 meters per one roll. You can customize the light however you like since you can cut them per your ideal outcome.

2. You also get the adhesive

If you love to DIY some projects and you’re trying to set up the lights per your wish just know that you will get a long adhesive cord along with your purchase. You will easily secure its stickiness + you will get to put and use the light wherever you please. The adhesive will help with the wear-off time and longevity of your product. Make sure that you don’t apply a lot of the adhesive near the edges since this can look uneven if overdone. It will take you only a couple of minutes to set it up.

3. Flexible properties

Most people will enjoy using the strips since they are so universal and can be used in most places and locations. In fact, you can use them indoors and outdoors as long as if they are sturdy enough. This subtle light source can be placed over your kitchen cabinets, in your bathroom, bedroom – you name it! Some people even love to install them over their stairs and inside the swimming pool to give it a bright & loud atmosphere.

4. They are easy to install

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If you love to do all of your home renovations on your own and you are a DIY fanatic just know that you can also do this part on your own. Although you might not be able to set up the actual lighting system in your home, you can give this one a go! The only time-consuming part is the cutting process and figuring out where you’re going to place your lights and at what angle. Aside from that everything else will run smoothly.

5. Ideal color choice & vibrancy control

Most people are excited about this fun & playful feature. The LED strips tend to change color, as well as their shine level, along with vibrancy. You can go for whichever light level suits you and set up your preferred vibrancy. You can go for colorless or bright neon lights, just get the right bulbs! Set them up however you like & based on the vibe and the atmosphere that you’re trying to achieve depending on the room.

6. Are they cut-to-size

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Cutting LED strips means adjusting them per your room and placing them over the lights. You can do this process on your own or you can ask for help. Make sure that you cut along and near the black line that has copper solder pads. Thanks to these copper solder pads you won’t make a mistake, even if you are a rookie when it comes to some minor home renovations. In the end, you should connect the LED lights and get your preferred level of illumination.

7. How sturdy and how flexible are they

The LED strips can range in their price point, as well as flexibility and sturdiness. Most lights will have a 2-3 meter long adhesive that will allow you to mount them however you like. Some even have practical peel-off strips that are easier to use since you don’t have to spend additional time cutting & measuring – just do the peeling. Make sure that you use the right model that meets your budget, criteria, as well as sturdiness level.

8. Are they waterproof

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Do you need them to be waterproof or water-resistant perhaps? The waterproof LED lights are not as common and they are rare when compared to other light options that are on the market. This is because they are a bit pricey. However, as long as your purchased light has the right kind of silicone resin material- you can place it near water. This material is also great if you need protection from dust or moisture/humidity. Set it up however you like and enjoy its sturdy material for years to come!

9. How to install them

  • Are you going to do this step on your own, or do you need some assistance? Either way, it may be, here are some general rules that you need to follow:
  • Check out the length of your strips before you purchase them, doesn’t matter if you are doing it in-store or online.
  • Make sure that they can fit into your space/your room.
  • Be aware of the voltage that it requires.
  • Ask the staff or the salesperson before you purchase if you’ll be needing any additional gear.
  • Decide if you want a dim or even light flow.

Where to find the best LED lights?

In the end, since now you know the basics when it comes to your LED strip lights, are you ready to make your purchase? These can come in handy for everyday activities or you can purchase them if you are trying to go for a mini home or room makeover. You can click here and browse through different 12V LED strip lights. Enjoy different options, affordable prices, as well as waterproof & remote-control lights for yourself or your friends and family.