Top 5 Destinations for Flowers in 2024

People travel around the world to satisfy all kinds of passions, so why flowers would be any different? Is it not similar to going to a foreign country to see rare and beautiful birds? Of course it is, which is why we chose 5 destinations with gorgeous flowers that are worth the trip. Check out our top 5.

1. Tulip inebriation – Belgium and Holland


As you can imagine, no list of the most beautiful flowers on Earth can exist without the tulips of Holland or Belgium. To be more specific, Keukenhof, located in South Holland, holds one of the world’s most extensive flower gardens. Think about how 7 million tulips look mixed with hyacinths and daffodils across 32 hectares. The scenery is breathtaking. In Belgium, the National Botanic Garden of Belgium has 60 glasshouses which hold 18 thousand plants. And who said that you have to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms in bloom? Just go to Belgium, and you will experience a very similar event.

2. The valleys of flowers – Andalusia


Believe it or not, Andalusia is the home of a quarter of Europe’s flowering plants. It is best to experience the blooms in the spring. Andalusia’s Grazalema Natural Park, which is mostly limestone and vulture colonies, is a small piece of paradise. Blue pimpernels, peonies, and marigolds run across the meadows. You can also see the Peruvian scilla, daffodils, and about 30 species of Orchids. This is one trip to Spain that is definitely worth taking if you are a lower enthusiast.

3. Go for the roses – Oman


When it comes to roses, many places in the world are in dire competition. However, few can measure up to Oman’s rose harvest. One of the best things about it is that Oman transforms its rose harvest in an unforgettable experience for tourists. All you have to do is to go to Jabal Akhdar sometime between March and May. That is the time when the rocky scenery is covered in pink petals. Plus, as a tourist, you can enjoy something else such as a guided tour through the rose terraces. You also have the option of taking rose-petals baths and going to spa treatments that use rose-petal oils. What a treat!

4. Rhododendrons – India


At the bottom of the world’s third-highest mountain, Kanchenjunga in India, the hills display one of the most gorgeous sceneries you will ever come across. In late spring, the lilac jacarandas, various types of orchids, and over 30 species of rhododendrons come alive and inebriate your senses. You can use the locals for guided tours on flower-lined trails. Your eyes will get tired from all that color.

5. The unforgettable blooms – Grenada


Grenada has claimed the gold at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 12 times, so it is no wonder why many people fall in love with the place. The island is a real paradise where your senses will be challenged. The colorful flora, which includes the red and yellow lobster claw heliconia, will make your trip worth your while. While you can enjoy private gardens tended by different hotels, you can also go rogue and explore the island yourself. Spending your holidays there is also something that we recommend because of nature’s flower show.

Unfortunately, we would not have enough time to cover all the places where flowers can literally hypnotize you. This planet of ours can surely put on a show each year. All we can hope is that you get to see at least some of them. Just keep in mind that you may need a visa for some places, you can go to to process one. Other than that, pack lightly and do not forget your camera. Happy travels!