Top 8 Wedding Flowers -Wedding Guide for 2024

A wedding is certainly an event that every girl thinks about and dreams of it as the happiest day of her life. Indeed, a wedding ceremony is one of the happiest events that can happen to you. However, to get it right according to your wishes and ideas, the right organization is necessary. Simply, a wedding cannot be good without a sophisticated wedding dress for the bride, an elegant groom suit, music, a wedding lunch, and of course decoration. Honestly, have you ever been to a wedding without decoration? Of course, you are not, nor will you ever be because whether the decoration is classic or modern, it simply has to be the part of the wedding.

One of the most common forms of decoration is flowers of various types. Not only does the flower embellish the space, but it also brings nice scents, elegance, freshness but also beautiful colors. Therefore, it is not surprising why natural decoration is one of the most dominant at weddings, but also at all events in general. However, today we have decided to focus on the happiest and most special day of your life. Below you will be able to check out which are the 8 most popular wedding flowers. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. Roses

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Do we need to talk about how popular roses are and what is their place in the flower kingdom? Indeed, while it is possible to see roses as decoration at many weddings, these flowers are by no means boring. On the contrary, roses are all-time classic and bring elegance, enchanting scent and beauty to space. Also, it is important to mention that roses have been the main flower for decorations for centuries and that people love this plant immensely. Just remember the many poems, pictures and other works of art that are inspired by roses.

In addition, the rose has been a symbol of love, passion and genuine emotion for centuries. Today, there are over 3,000 different types of roses grown in most different parts of the world, but we can distinguish three general divisions: hybrid tea (most common), garden (most expensive) and spray roses (most blossoms on one stem). In essence, roses were never stale. On the contrary, these beautiful plants offer different colors and it is possible to create the fantastic breathtaking decoration.

2. Calla Lilies

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Calla lilies are one of the most popular and we must admit the most elegant and beautiful solutions for wedding decorations. These flowers, also known as arum lily, originate in Africa. Calla lilies are trumpet-shaped and in Africa, there is a belief that this flower is a symbol of magnificent beauty. It can also be seen in many art deco as well as art nouveau works as inspiration for artists.

As for the species, you have to choose between plants with a large blossom and also a large stem, but also significantly smaller examples that are great for bouquets and boutonnieres. In terms of colors, calla lilies can be found in orange, mauve-pink, yellow and a very elegant dark purple variant.

3. Lily of the Valley

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Another type of lily that is very popular when it comes to wedding decorations is lily of the valley. This flower, unlike the aforementioned calla lilies, has a bell shape and is most commonly used as an additional decoration for a bouquet, although it can be made exclusively from this type of lily. Still, we have to say that lily of the valley is a pretty expensive flower, primarily because the spring is the season when they are freshest and most accessible. Of course, it is grown all year round in greenhouses, but the price is slightly higher during the off-season.

In terms of flower history, lily of the valley is most popular in Norse mythology because there is a belief it is related to the goddess of spring called Ostara. True, there is something divine in these flowers, first of all, incredibly wonderful fragrances, but also the appearance. Lily of the valley was also the choice of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She had a white lily bouquet at a royal wedding in 2011. However, we must emphasize that there is an even more expensive variant, which is a fairly rare type of pink lily of the valley. Also, this flower is quite popular in Germany as a choice for a bouquet. If you want to check the exact price and order it, visit Regionsflorist.

4. Stephanotis

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One of the most characteristic wedding flowers in the Victorian period is white stephanotis. In the 19th century, this plant was also called “marital happiness”, and that is enough to say about its popularity when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Interestingly, unlike the other flowers mentioned so far, stephanotis grows in the form of a vine.

This means that arranging it is more complicated than with others. However, if you want traditional flowers that have a long history as a wedding decoration, then stephanotis is definitely the right choice. We must emphasize that the price is quite affordable and that this plant is ideal for a bridal bouquet as well as for arranging boutonnieres.

5. Elevating Weddings with Greenery

Elevating Weddings with Greenery

Weddings are a celebration of love, and every detail matters in creating the perfect ambiance. Incorporating greenery and plants can transform any venue into an enchanting paradise. Tropical Plant Rentals, with its vast experience, offers a range of services that can be seamlessly integrated into wedding settings. Strategic placement of indoor plants, whether in grand ballrooms or intimate settings, enhances aesthetics and promotes tranquility.

For those special occasions, opting for event-specific plant hires can transform the overall ambiance, making it uniquely memorable. Imagine the allure of a living green wall serving as a captivating backdrop, perfect for photo sessions or as a stage highlight. This vertical garden isn’t just a visual treat but also an eco-friendly addition. Complementing these plants with designer containers, aligned with the wedding theme, adds a sophisticated touch, making the decor stand out.

By integrating nature into the wedding setup, couples not only beautify the space but also create an environment resonating with well-being and harmony. With providers like Tropical Plant Rentals, the fusion of nature and celebration becomes a seamless experience, ensuring a setting that remains etched in memories.

6. Hydrangeas

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Just look at these flowers, isn’t it magnificent and elegant? Yet in the Victorian period, this plant was a symbol of vanity. However, this does not mean that such a beautiful flower should not be used as a fantastic wedding arrangement. Hydrangeas, by contrast, have a wide range of colors, so it’s almost impossible not to find the right one for yourself. Interestingly, the color depends mainly on the amount of acid in the soil.

Accordingly, today we have hydrangeas combined from white, over green, burgundy, to purple and blue color. Since they have a very pleasant aroma, hydrangeas can be used for a variety of decorations at a wedding ceremony, such as boutonnieres, or for the bouquet.

7. Peony

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One of the gentlest flowers that are popular at wedding ceremonies is a peony. In the Victorian period, this plant also had no nice symbolization because it had the connotation of bashfulness. However, this did not stop brides from carrying beautiful bouquets arranged with peony. This plant originates in Asia but has begun to grow and develop in France for decoration purposes. There are two different types, peony with tree and herbaceous stem. It is important to note that peony with tree stem is less durable.

Also, we have to mention that peony brings elegance and beautiful fragrances to the wedding ceremony. The only downside is the slightly higher price compared to other flowers we have mentioned so far because peony is available most often during spring and early summer.

8. Gardenia

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In the end, one of the most beautiful and elegant wedding flowers. We mean gardenia which has a very strong and beautiful scent. There is an interesting story about an English captain who was enchanted by fragrances of gardenias during an expedition to Africa in the mid-18th century so he decided to take this plant to his homeland as a souvenir.

Today, gardenia is one of the most expensive wedding flowers and we must emphasize that it is quite gentle. However, although expensive, gardenia is great for boutonnieres but also for the bride bouquet. Also, it is important to say that there are species with large flowers, as well as those with fairly small flowers.