8 Top Tips on How to Clean Gutters in an Easy and Quick Way – 2024 Guide

You might think that seasonal chores around your home seem like a big job. Climbing on a ladder and tackling with the gutters is not a project you will look forward to, but in the end, you know that it is necessary. It is likely that you already know the drill, but it will be a lot easier if you are armed with the right tools and if you know a few strategies and techniques that will help you with cleaning your gutters. In order to help you avoid the problems that might occur, here is a list of things that you can do in order to clean your gutters well:

1. Assemble your gear

You should start with a ladder safety check. When you are sure about the climb, collect the tools that you will need, and those include, heavy gloves, plastic buckets, non-slip shoes, easy-grip handles, heavy wire hooks, ladder horns, as well as gutter and trowel scoops.

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2. Check your roof

All trees will scatter twigs and leaves across your roof, even if they are trimmed well. Check for twigs and leaves that might have clogged your gutters and that will make the cleaning process a bit more difficult. Carefully clean the litter with a low-pressure power wash or with a small rake.

3. Begin near a downspout

Start cleaning away dirt and leaves near a downspout and work along the length of the gutter. This will prevent possible clogs from falling into the drop outlet. You should be extra careful around the gutter hangers and brackets. Keep in mind that you should not fill your bucket entirely. You will not want to splash the litter on the windows and walls below you.

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4. Attack the slime buildup

In order to keep your gutters from clogging, the best way to prevent this is to get rid of the natural glue that makes them so sticky. You should clean all the fungus and algae buildup with products that are specially used for cleaning gutters mildew and slime.

5. Clean the downspout

Once you have cleaned the gutters, you should rinse the downspout with a gardening hose. If you have to clear out a clogged downspout, you should pack a rag around the hose in order to seal it at the top and then blast out all the debris with water pressure.

6. Be ready for the big stuff

Do not be surprised if you come across some major surprises in the downspout. If you run into a squirrel’s stash, a bird’s nest, or perhaps one of the tennis balls you threw your dog, you could use water pressure to deal with all the things that could be found there. However, if you do not manage to clear it out, you might need some professional help. If you want to learn more about the ways how a professional might help you, you can click here.

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7. Give the system a final flush

You should finish up the cleaning with a rinse from the gardening hose. Start with medium pressure and let it run for 10-15 minutes. As the water flows through the whole system, make sure that you watch the downspouts and gutters since you might notice some leaks that need fixing.

8. Be careful with the power tools

You should be careful when using power tools like a leaf blower or a high-pressure washer. These power tools can scatter debris, blast pinholes through the gutters, or loosen hangers. Always use these tools with caution and follow the manual.


One of the main reasons for keeping your gutters clean is that you will save your house from potentially flooding, eroded lawns or gardens, as well as keep your basement and foundation safe from damage.