What Are The Best Pruning Saws Out There (Top 4 List)

Imagine having a tree branch that is constantly by your window and it is blocking your beautiful view, or it is simply an excess in your garden – it is quite a nightmare for some people and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Now, most of the people go for shears or loppers when it comes to dealing with trees but what if you don’t have one at your hand? Well, there is an even better solution and it is called pruning saw.

Pruning saw can be a safer product when it comes to removing branches especially considering the plant’s health. Along with that, it is quite simple to use and doesn’t demand a lot of time work. And with different brands offering the same it might not be easy to choose the right one. That is why we went ahead, did some research and came up with the top 4 list for the best pruning saws out there!

Why You Should Get A Pruning Saw

Now, before we go ahead and take a look at the best pruning saws out there it would be wise to explain why pruning saw can be beneficial. First and foremost, it is a great product if you want to add some aesthetics into your garden – it is easy to handle and without much effort, you can get a row of tidy bushes, trees, and plants that will serve for a perfect outside view.

Along with that, it isn’t as big as some other products and it can still be used in most of the cases (even with high to reach points). On the other hand, a good pruning saw will last you for years time. Last but not least is the above-mentioned plant’s health – a pruning saw will make the removal of thick branches easy and safe for your tree.

What Are The Best Pruning Saws Out There (Top 4 List)

The Right Pruning Saw For Your Needs

1. First and foremost, there is the pole pruner – if you are to be presented with hard to reach branches this one may be your best choice as it is attached to a long pole.

2. On the other hand, the straight blade pruning saw is a great product that consists of a comfortable and curved handle, as well as sharp and straight blades that will get the job done.

3. One of the most popular pruning saws out there is the handheld pruning saw – convenient and easy to store, it is always a safe choice.

4. Last but not least is the curved blade pruning saw which is excellent for heavy tree work.

What Are The Best Pruning Saws Out There (Top 4 List)

The Best Pruning Saws Out There

1. Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw. When it comes to the best pruning saws out there this one has to be on top. Yes, it is somewhat expensive but it is absolutely worth its Though it needs maintenance, this pruning saw is great for heavy-duty and small branches and it will cut smoothly through any possible obstacles.

2. Tabor Tools T6 Folding Saw. This one is quite cheaper if we compare it to our top list choice and it is still a high-quality pruning saw. It is Japanese-styled and is sure to last you a long time. Sturdy and rugged you will get great work done in a short span of time, and it is a perfect choice for any household. The only cons are the facts that the grip isn’t as comfortable, and the locking system might not be as strong. Still, taking all the traits in consideration this has to be one of the best pruning saws out there!

3. Fiskars 7 Inch Powertooth Folding Pruning Saw. If you are looking for an electric pruning saw this one is your best bet. It is efficient, durable, and affordable and a great choice overall whether you have hard tree work waiting for you or just a few small branches that need to be cut. Still, be sure to stay focused when using it as the grip isn’t that secure.

4. Lanier Hand Pruning Saw. Last but not least is this pruning saw that has to be one of the most comfortable products out there. It is convenient and easy to carry even to a backpacking trip, while still an excellent saw for your household. With some of the most ergonomic grips out of all, it will be a pleasure to work with it. The only visible con is the maintenance, but overall you will not regret it!


Pruning saws are something that can come in really handy in certain household or backpack trip situations. That is why you should stay on the safe side and get one on time!