What Flowers To Buy For Your Garden in 2024

We all want our gardens to emulate vibrant colors and increase the overall appearance of our home. But since most varieties of flowers bloom only for a few weeks, the curb appeal can be hindered.

But there are flowers that are considered to be long-lasting plants that bloom all summer long. With vibrant colors and enchanting smells, we are going to tell you the flowers to buy for your garden.

1. Calibrachoa

source: bhg.com

Calibrachoas look like tiny petunias and they even bloom from spring until the first snow falls. These flowers come in all shades of red such as pink, orange, red, purple, and in a variety of other colors such as yellow, white, green, and gold. Calibrachoa thrives under full sun and it doesn’t require much space to grow its roots.  Preferable type of soil for the Calibrachoa is moist soil but they do require monthly fertilization.

2. Lantana

This type of flower grows in areas with mild winter. The flower grows into a large shrub, but most gardeners treat Lantana as an annual flower. The flower blooms from late spring up until early autumn and during the entire process, tiny blossoming clusters are formed in the shape of bouquets. The Lantana comes in yellow, pink, red, and orange. This flower has no problem with higher temperatures and it even thrives under direct, and full, sun. The Lantana is also resistant to drought quite well and insects pose no threat to it.

3. Gaillardia

The Gaillardia is a short-lived flower that is desperate for that summer love. If you didn’t quite catch it, this flower loves the sun, and it thrives under it. Since its life is so short, compared to others on our list, butterflies tend to keep it company, making it the perfect flower if you want to shoot some photos. The Gaillardia is tri-colored in shades of gold, burgundy, orange, and yellow. This flower can range in size from a few inches up to three feet high. If you’re interested in buying and sending a gift basket full of exotic flowers, head over to www.floralqueen.com and browse their amazing inventory of exotic flowers.

4. Coreopsis

source: pinterest

This tender perennial is treated by most gardeners and botanists as an annual flower. Coreopsis blooms with a solid shade of pink, orange, yellow, or burgundy. Butterflies and bees absolutely love this plant, and they grow in abundance.  The fact why butterflies and bees love them is not because of the pollen, but because of the delicious seeds that grow this flower.  The Coreopsis loves full sun and well-drained soil. They do require regular watering as soon as they are planted.

5. Gazania

This amazing flower is as unique as they come. The Gazania is a flower that opens up during the day time and closes during the night, or on cloudy and rainy days. The flower is full of vibrant colors that shine all throughout the day. The Gazania comes in a few colors such as pink, burgundy, white, orange, red, and yellow. Many varieties of this flower have stripes down its leaves.  This flower can be planted in large or medium size containers, they thrive under the sun, and they love well-drained soil.