What you Need to Know About Growing Flowers in the Russian Cold – 2023 Review

Giving away flowers has always been an act of kindness, caring, and love. No matter if the occasion is a date, anniversary or some sad occasion, choosing the right type of flowers is very important. There is a wonderful culture of giving flowers to Russia.

Children will get flowers when they start going to school and women get flowers for Women’s day. Every holiday is an occasion to give away bouquets of flowers. This is why there are many gardeners and florists in Russia. They are keeping the tradition alive.

The importance of flowers

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Every type of flower has a different meaning and it is important to be careful when choosing one to give since you don’t want to offend someone by giving the wrong type of flowers or the wrong number in the bouquet. Roses symbolize love, an orchid is a symbol of extraordinary beauty and daisy is a symbol of innocence. Not only the type of flower has a meaning, but the color as well. The red color is reserved for a loved one, yellow is not recommended because it can mean jealousy, while white is perfect for any occasion since it means purity.

You should also know that giving flowers is so deeply rooted in the Russian culture that women are simply used to getting flowers and they won’t probably read too much into the meaning of this kind gesture. It is simply something that is expected and appreciated.

Foreigners may have a tough time getting used to it, but when you think about it, it is not only romantic, but it is a sign of appreciation, it’s showing that you put some thought into it, some planning. It is a way to show that there are still deep connections and relationships despite the new age and era of instant communication.

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Flowers last, they can make your kitchen more beautiful if you put them on the table in a vase. You can place them in your bedroom next to your bed if the sender is very dear to you. Flowers are a great way to make gloomy winter days brighter and more optimistic. Besides, the smell of flowers is divine. No perfume can compare to the delicate smell of roses.

Be careful about the number of flowers you choose for a bouquet. The number of flowers should be odd for joyous occasions and even numbers of flowers are reserved for funerals, explains Funeral Home Media. New Year is also the time of year when the bouquets are widely given, it is a wonderful opportunity to make someone’s day.

Just how important flowers are in Russia shows the number of flower shops that can be seen everywhere. In case you are not sure where to find one, you can always order flowers online floraqueen.com.

Growing flowers in Russia

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Winters in Russia are really cold and temperatures can fall to -20°C and sometimes even lower. Hardly any flower can survive this harsh winter, but some types of flowers are more resistant than others. Pansies look really beautiful and can survive low temperatures.

Protect them a little bit by covering them with pine or mulch straw. You will be surprised when you see how they flourish nicely even in the early spring.

Phlox is a wonderful flower with over 120 varieties. Perennials are also great plants for gardening because they can withstand very low and very high temperatures, so gardeners don’t have to worry about this beautiful plant.

Clematis is a plant that is very adaptable to low temperatures. Bearberry is a plant that is perfect for gardeners who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their garden. It doesn’t require much care and it can withstand very low temperatures.

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Primrose is a wonderful yellow flower that needs moisture to survive winter, so make sure you cover it with mulch to help them stay alive. Echinacea or coneflower can stay alive during winter. They love the sun and should be planted in places where there is a lot of sunshine.

When the temperature drops, they go dormant and come back to show off their beauty at the first sign of warmth. Make sure you choose the plants that are more resistant to low temperatures because all the additional efforts won’t mean much is the plant itself is sensitive.

There are some general rules to follow to be able to preserve your garden during winter:

  1. Remove all the dead plants and leaves, as they might just be a hindrance to your plants.
  2. Drain the irrigation system to make sure that there is no water that could freeze and destroy your flowers.
  3. Perennials should be cut after the first frost.
  4. Compost should be spread out across the garden, so all the plants can get the necessary nutrients.
  5. Covering the garden with mulch will protect your flowers from low temperatures.

Make sure you follow all these steps to increase the chances that your garden will flourish at the first sign of spring.

Keep Your Flowers Protected

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Place a cardboard box over your flowers so you can protect them from the cold air as much as possible. If you don’t have a box, you can use pots or wood containers, just make sure you don’t hurt the plants while placing the pots on the ground.

Plastic bags are not a good choice since they are not thick enough so they can’t protect your plants from freezing. Make sure your cover is not light because they can be blown away by the wind.

A great thing about the Russian winter is that it is highly predictable, so you can prepare everything for your garden on time and don’t get surprised by the cold weather. This is a major advantage when it comes to gardening.

If this is too much trouble for you and you simply want to send someone flowers by the touch of a button, you can do that here. With numerous florists shops available, the flowers you like will get delivered in the shortest period possible.