Why You Should Get A Cordless Leaf Blower

Gardening is a beautiful hobby – it is relaxing, and leaves you with a beautiful outdoor space that you will be able to enjoy in your free and relaxing time. Along with that, it offers you the possibility to have fresh fruits and vegetables at any given moment and what woman doesn’t like to get a rose straight out of a garden? Still, it has some cons as well and if you have planted more than a few trees chances are once autumn comes your garden will be full of fallen leaves.

Now, though leaves can make the whole atmosphere even more romantic you would still want to remove them off the ground. That is where leaf blowers come in handy and are probably the most efficient way to get the job done. But with the market being quite big it is easy to figure out which type is the best? We have done our research and decided to give you a few points on why you should purchase a cordless leaf blower. Let’s have a look.

The Pros Of Owning A Cordless Leaf Blower

1. Well, first and foremost and probably the biggest benefit of owning it is the fact that well it is cordless. Unlike other leaf blowers with this one, you will not need to worry about the cord restricting your movement and area of work. And as there is no power point you will be able to take it wherever you want.

Why You Should Get A Cordless Leaf Blower

2. Along with that, even if you are at a lower budget you will be able to get a good leaf blower that will help you clean of your garden. Now, this doesn’t mean a cordless leaf blower costs a few dollars but for a $50 you will get more than enough. Of course, there are those high-end options as well but you probably don’t need them unless you have a huge garden and simply want to own the best cordless leaf blower on the market.

3. One of the main difference of a cordless leaf blower from the others offered on the market is the fact that you are the one who gets the choose the source of power? What does this mean? Well as it is connected to no power point it has to run on something and the two options are either gas or battery. If you go for the gas one we can tell you that it will offer you incredible raw power, but always leaves that smell that some people like and others don’t. On the other hand, a battery is an environment-friendly option and it is sure to last you a long time.

4. Last but not least unlike some other leaf blowers a cordless one is pretty light. To be honest most of these are below 5lbs so you will be able to effectively handle and carry them around. This is a huge benefit as you don’t want your arms to be sore after just 30 minutes of garden work.

Why You Should Get A Cordless Leaf Blower

The Biggest Disadvantage Of A Cordless Leaf Blower

Though there are many benefits to it when comparing with other leaf blowers it is quite noisy and that is a thing you should think about. If you are surrounded by grumpy neighbors it might represent a problem so be sure to do your garden work in the adequate time of the day.


As you can see getting a cordless leaf blower will make your garden work much easier, and you can good ones without breaking your budget. Now, although it is noisy it doesn’t have to present a problem unless you are blowing the leaves in the middle of the night. So go ahead, do your research and find the right one that suits your needs!