3 Simple Steps to Help You Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle – 2024 Guide

Are you looking to improve your carbon footprint and do your part for the planet? This sudden change of heart could have something to do with one of the many eco-friendly documentaries you watched which may have made you aware of the dire state of the planet or even a simple picture of a rubbish pile up might have caused an upset. Whatever your reasoning, it will have made you think twice about your lifestyle and how you can change it and contribute to the planet in your own way.

If you have no idea how you can help, you should take a look at these tips which will allow you to make a difference.

1. Recycle recycle recycle

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Many people are guilty of just throwing everything away without even a thought of separating paper, and plastics. Instead of mindlessly tossing items in the bin you should take some time out of your day to separate your throw-away goods. Although this may appear like a small step, if every person gave up five minutes of their time to separate the rubbish there would be much less waste floating around the world.

While it is important to separate materials, recycling is much more than that. You should also consider food composting, charity donation, and up-cycling which are all great ways of improving the state of the earth through recycling. Composting especially is a great option for growing your garden, as you can layout food scraps to help replace lost plant nutrients which will help you improve the appearance of your home, as well as incorporate toxin-free air through increased oxygen.

2. Invest in eco-friendly technology

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One of the biggest causes of carbon emissions is due to the massive increase in electronics usage. The main culprits for energy waste are those who have a habit of leaving lights or the TV on. This can be avoided by investing in eco-friendly technology such as smart home hubs which can be operated when you’re away from home. When connected to your electronics home system, you can control anything you wish, which in turn will help you save on your energy bills while also doing your part for the planet.

A great example of sustainable technology is smart lighting, which can be found in a variety of new-build properties. This includes automated lighting systems that work via subject detection and are designed to turn off after a certain period of time. Many developers and property companies like RW Invest use these systems in their city-center based properties to promote green living for them and their tenants.

3. Consider alternative transport

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Did you know that car emissions are one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases? This not maybe your first thought when you’re on route to work in your car. Instead of taking your car every day, you should consider other alternatives, such as public transport or even cycling. The latter is not only great for reducing carbon emissions but is also a great form of exercise, which will help you reach your fitness goals each day.

If you believe you haven’t got it in you to drive to and from work every morning, then you should meet in the middle with an electric bike, which is operated via a rechargeable battery. This works just as well as a normal bike, although it will be a much more eco-friendlier choice and will also allow you to spend a significant amount of petrol and money than a car.

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