6 Gardening Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

There is nothing as soothing as waking up to a fresh and green garden. Many people love to live by nature whereas others make their own little garden. Gardening is one of the therapeutic hobbies.

That is why you see young and older individuals browsing the internet to find tips to maintain their gardens. It does not matter if you have a bigger space of pot plants, you can always surround yourself with green and pleasant smelling plants.

Moreover, maintaining plants is not difficult. You only need the discipline and tips that work for you. Not to mention, likeswatch.co.uk can also help you in this context.

If you are passionate to grow your home garden and useful tips, you need to follow these six fantastic accounts on Instagram.

Botanicals and Billie

Anne who runs the account @Botanicalsandbillie lives in Barcelona, Spain. She loves the plant and hopes to create an urban jungle. Her aim is to bring the beauty of plants to her country and followers. This means you can learn a lot about plants and trees by following her on Instagram. If you have similar aims, you need to check her feed right now.

6 Gardening Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now


Following Tropica Loco will fill your feed with stunning hanging plants ideas. This profile is dedicated to tropical plants. You can get inspired to get one or more tropical plants for your place. And, you already know who to follow to maintain the beauty of these plants. With an impressive number of followers, Tropicaloco is ready to provide the best advice that let you keep your green space healthy and appealing.

Claire Ratinon

In current times, organic food catches plenty of attention, especially because of its health benefits. Therefore, many people want to grow their own organic garden. If you are the one who is blessed to have a bigger garden, you only need to follow Claire Ratinon to set up your organic garden. @claireratinon you will find how to details on organic production.

Her feed is filled with bright colored healthy and free of chemical fruits and vegetables. If you have ever dreamed of growing zesty lemons or red and juicy tomatoes, you should follow Ratinon Instagram. Plus, you will learn about her gardening projects which increase your knowledge and motivates you to grow organic vegetables and fruits.

James Scape Design

For amateur gardeners, @jamesscapedesign is the best place to learn the basics of gardening. His feed is filled with low maintenance plants. You will come across several creative gardening projects that encourage you to invest in some basic plants and begin your gardening journey. Moreover, you will also learn about plants that only need natural light and some to grow which is ideal for beginners or people who cannot give hours to gardening but to have some greenery at home.

A Succulent Day

Martha, who runs the account is a plant designer and artist. Following her profile @asucculentday will tell you how to maintain succulent. So, if you love tiny succulents but afraid to own any, you need to follow Martha. She gives tips to maintain plants and how to decoy them in your house.

6 Gardening Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

Clever Bloom

House plant fanatic, @cleverbloom is the must-follow account if you want to grow a plant. She is working on an exciting project so every gardening lover can learn about growing plants. Not only gardening and plants, but her feed is interesting.

She includes her children in various projects that are fun to watch. So, next time when you need to learn about a plant, go through her feed, and you are sure to find the solution.

Bottom Line

Gardening is all fun and exciting until you see your plant is dying. This situation is stressful and makes you feel like giving up on your hobby. However, if you start following the aforementioned gardening accounts, you can tip to maintain a top-notch home garden or even plants.