H.J. Baker, a global agriculture firm, launched TIGER Greening Guard™ citrus mix (64%S, 3%Fe, 7%Mn, 6%Zn), a new product that is backed by University of Florida research.

HLB, (Huanglongbing) also known as Citrus Greening, can be fatal to citrus trees and is the No.1 threat to the citrus industry. The Asian citrus psyllid insect infects vulnerable trees causing its fruit to turn green, with bitter juices, become deformed and drop prematurely. In vulnerable trees, HLB reduces the transfer of nutrients and can reduce root functionality by as much as 50% to 80%.

H.J. Baker’s TIGER Greening Guard limits tree vulnerability by boosting and strengthening tree’s immune system. It increases feeder root density for optimal nutrient uptake which allows for healthier fruit and reduced fruit drop. Utilizing Tiger’s acid forming technology, Greening Guard has a controlled release mechanism to ensure long-term root health and maximizes efficiency of nutrient uptake.