TOP bv has built a setup for simulating almost all possible pasteurization and sterilization processes under various process conditions. This setup makes it possible to test the impact of the latest preservation methods on packaged food products and compare methods, even when these methods are not yet available in practice.

TOP bv is among other things active in the development of mild sterilization techniques. By combining mild heating with increased pressure (Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilisation – PATS) or by using radio waves (RF sterilization), the shelf life of food products can be prolonged without cooling and without the loss of color, taste, texture or nutritional values.

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This technology won’t yet be widely available in the next few years, which makes it difficult for food manufacturers to test the advantages for their product. To make it clear which possibilities the new, mild sterilization techniques can offer, TOP has developed the simulator setup.

With the setup, in combination with specially developed simulation software, packaged products of the food manufacturers can be treated in a way that they can already see and taste the possibilities of the future. The setup has a volume of over 100 liters and can be adjusted to any desired heating or cooling process, up to a heating rate of more than 15°C/minute.

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The simulator setup enables TOP to help food manufacturers even better in making decisions about (future) investments in preservation techniques. TOP bv has the knowledge and experience to help manufacturers implement these future preservation techniques into their production processes.