Citrus Greening

It’s the mother lode of all citrus diseases,” said Dr. MaryLou Polek, vice president of science and technology for the Citrus Research Board, California Department of Food and Agriculture, at the 2014 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum session on huanglongbing (HLB) disease. Read about: 4 Steps to Cultivate Indoor Lettuce Huanglongbing means “yellow shoot disease.” It causes … Read more



While development continues to gobble up much of Arizona’s farmland, one segment of agriculture is expanding. Six commercial farming operations exist on American Indian land in the state, and a continual focus is on efficient use of the West’s most precious resource: water. Fort McDowell Farm is located east of the McDowell Mountains just outside … Read more

Issues Faced by Citrus Producers in Florida

Ask the question, “What is the biggest current concern for citrus producers in Florida?” and it is almost a guarantee that citrus greening or Huanglongbing (HLB) caused by a phloem-limited bacteria will be the answer. This bacterial disease transmitted by psyllids causes green, misshapen and bitter-tasting fruit, and eventually kills the citrus tree. The U.S. … Read more