4 Best Drill Presses in 2024

The thing about standard drill presses is that they don’t need so much attention like tools that are commonly used in workshops like a saw or a hammer. However, sometimes you might need slightly more depth and precision. That means that you need to do additional research in order to find just the right one.

You can find drill presses in many different shapes and sizes that have so many features that you will need to spend more time on the research than you might need on some other products. We would like to point out that you need to consider what are the goals of your project and make the decision based on that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woodworker, contractor, or a homeowner there are some solutions that will prove essential to the success of your project. We feel obliged to say that there are many manufacturers claiming that they have the best product on the market. Usually, this is not true at most times. After testing a significant number of devices, we decided that we should make a list of the best drill presses in 2024, in order to help you with your future decision. Now we are going to present you with this list of ours.

1. WEN 4227

source: homedepot.com

The first on our list is WEN 4227, which is a magnetic drill press. You should know that we tried it on different types of metal like brass or aluminum. However, in order to work with those metals, you should have a few things like constant torque, coolant/lubricant, and a high-speed range. Most likely, you will end up with a high number of headaches. But this drill press meets all the requirements needed for working with different kinds of metal. It features twelve speeds from 180 to 2,940 RPM. The engine that works on 13 amp and a 120V. This will provide you with just enough power to do your tasks smoothly.


– Motor speed: 1-1/2 HP

– Range speed: 180 to 2,940

– Weight: 214 Ibs

– Dimensions: 14x30x67

– Warranty: two years


– X-pattern laser

– 13.0 AMP motor

– 12-speed settings

– 4-3/4-inch spindle travel


– Very heavy

– Using small drill bits can sometimes be tricky

2. Houngen HMD904S

source: amazon.com

The second on our list is an Houngen HMD904S, which has proven as a great choice for steel fabrication. This is a magnetic drill that is very practical for both production work or usual home-usage. It operates on 120V and its kit consists of an adapter and a chuck that will allow the user to use twist drills and specialized cutters. Compared to many other drills on the market, this one is really lightweight with its 30.5Ibs. It features a two-stage magnet that will provide you with a 30% improvement in holding the power when the engine is working.


– Motor speed: 1-1/2 HP

– Range speed: 450

– Weight: 30.5 Ibs

– Dimensions: 18x9x20

– Warranty: one year


– Two-stage magnet

– Good choice for heavy-duty jobs

– Lift detector

– Pilot light


– Expensive compared to others on this list

– The warranty lasts only for one year

3. WEN 4214

source: ebay.com

When you have limited space at your workshop, it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself when it comes to your projects. In this case, you should look for WEN 4214 drill press, which is a perfect solution for doing a lot of work and occupying as little room as possible. One of the features that sets this device apart from other drill presses on the market, is its almost infinitely variable speed. This is a feature that you will not find in most of the drill presses that don’t have a huge price tag. But this is not the only reason why you should consider buying this one. We feel like it is important to point out that you can adjust the speed while you are in the process of drilling. This is a really cool feature.


– Motor speed: 2/3 HP

– Range speed: 580 to 3,200

– Weight: 85 Ibs

– Dimensions: 13.5×36.6×16.8

– Warranty: two years


– Plenty of room for working

– Mechanical variable speed

– Accurate laser ensures maximum precision

– LED readout display


– No spindle lock

– Not good for thick material

4. Shop Fox W1848

source: amazon.ca

Do you have some serious work to do? And you need a proper drill press? Well, you should take a look at Shop Fox W1848 especially if you are working with wood. Furthermore, you can turn it into an oscillating spindle sander in a matter of minutes. When you are using this type of sanding, you can be sure that you will have a smoother finish on the subject of your work. The reason for this is reduced heat buildup.

The manufacturer, Shop Fox, offers a plethora of different drill presses, in various sizes and shapes. However, we think that this model equipped with stability and increased capacity can be much more effective than any other model you might stumble across.


– Motor speed: 1-1/2 HP

– Range speed: 150 to 4,200

– Weight: 282 Ibs

– Dimensions: 58×26.3×13

– Warranty: two years


– The table is adjusted easily

– 12-speed settings

– It provides the user with security while working

– Extremely powerful

– User-friendly and affordable


– Can be noisy sometimes

– No laser alignment system