Cannabis Growing Techniques No One Told You About

We’re living in an age where weed isn’t just about getting a trance feeling – it’s about knowing the plant, understanding its history, and appreciating its nuances. Growing Cannabis is not as simple as throwing some seeds into the ground and waiting for them to grow. The specific growing technique can make or break your crop, so it’s essential to learn about what you’re doing before planting anything.

There are many techniques and methods for growing Cannabis. One of the most important things to know is that there’s no “right” way to grow weed, as long as you’re doing it right!

This blog post will offer you a brief overview of how to grow cannabis plants so that you can produce your dank herb for personal consumption or profit. It will cover various often overlooked techniques but can be incredibly helpful in creating a successful garden. But before moving on to the techniques, we will first understand what Cannabis is and its products. Let’s get started!

What Is Cannabis?


Cannabis is a collection of products made by drying hemp plants’ flowers, seeds, stems, and leaves. It has psychoactive effects because it contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It is a herbal preparation of the flowers, leaves, or parts of plants using different forms. It can range from pure THC to a hemp mixture rich in CBD with only trace amounts of THC. People smoke cannabis products by inhaling the smoke created through vaporization rather than burning so as not to burn your throat with hot smoke, you can find CBD products at CBDfx.

“Smoke” usually carries negative connotations for most people who have never experienced medicating before because they automatically assume it means smoking anything – including tobacco – which is technically true but wouldn’t be accurate when referring specifically to medical marijuana consumption. You can visit Green Life Wellness if you want to know more on medical marijuana.

Some Cannabis-based Products


Cannabis-based products are those that contain either THC or CBD as their primary therapeutic agent. Cannabinoid products are products derived from the hemp plant, marijuana’s spiritual cousin. These components work to alleviate symptoms such as pain, mood disorders, and epilepsy.

Typically, hemp plants contain low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making them unsuitable for recreational use although not harmless to everyday users. Cannabis containing high levels of THC is often used for medicinal purposes to relieve pain and other illnesses in both adults and children alike. Marijuana also contains cannabidiol that inhibits tumor growth, retarding cancer cells’ ability to survive by leading them into a state known as apoptosis, where they are encouraged by their environment to die rather than growing.

Many scientific studies have rated cannabidiol (CBD) to be very effective for treating anxiety disorders, inflammation, asthma attacks from chronic bronchitis, prostate cancer cells from metastasis, convulsions due to epilepsy, and skin cancer cells from The American Association For Cancer Research.

Top Cannabis Growing Techniques

Cannabis growing techniques allow growers to maximize their plant’s potential and, of course, grow bigger and better Cannabis plants.

Some Cannabis cultivators might think of more than one technique as a Cannabis growing technique. For example, Cannabis Topping isn’t exactly “one” technique because pruning involves severing/breaking off the top of the vegetation. Following are such Cannabis cultivation practices:

1. Cannabis Topping


Topping Cannabis plants is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase yield and overall quality. They stimulate the growth of all colas instead of just focusing on one.

It’s a tried and true method used by farmers for many types of plant material. Instead of growing tall and skinny, topping Cannabis will make your plant grow bushier and lead you to a higher yield. It keeps the plant-wide, which means the plant will be directly under the lights, letting the whole plant grow strong.

To prepare yourself for Cannabis topping, ensure that you have all the necessary supplies: sharp scissors, clean hands, and branches to top your Cannabis.

2. Monster Farming

Monster cropping is a technique that allows you to harvest your plants multiple times by placing clones taken from the flowering stage back in the vegetative growth cycle. It has already been in use for many years and is especially popular in the United States. It also helps you to save on seeds when growing your marijuana plants. It is a creative way for growers to get more harvests from their garden without buying any seeds.

It involves taking clones from a plant that you can find in flowering after reaching a certain height. The clones are then put back under a light schedule of 24/0, which will give them enough time to revert to vegetative growth before they become stressed by the dark period. Once placed under a 24/0 light schedule, the plants will begin growing leaves again and turning into vegetative plants ready to produce flowers for another harvest cycle.

3. Super Farming


So you happen to have a wide-grown space? We came across two Super Farming techniques that can help stretch the canopy and use all the space. Super farming is like regular agriculturally based farming. However, here, we are talking about super-cropping to control plant height and then topping to create more colas (branches) to give us buds down at or below our desired longitude.

Super cropping is what it sounds like: you take your hand and wrap it around the main stem and start twisting until you feel some resistance, then pop. The Super Cropped area will appear withered for up to 2 weeks until new growth starts showing on all Super Crops evenly.

If your Super Cropping is incorrect, you can damage the plant, resulting in Super Crops that do not heal properly. Super crops are when the plant is young to control its height, but an older Super Cropped branch will produce more than ever!

4. Screen Of Green

The ScrOG (Screen of green) is an effective technique that you should look into if you are considering growing Cannabis indoors.

The idea behind the ScrOG, or screen of green, is to use a screen just above your plants to control how much they grow. A screen comprises chicken wire but, you can also make it from other materials such as netting, metal wire, or even string. Shorter growers are often better suited for the ScrOG because it makes sure that each bud site grows wide instead of tall. For more information, please visit for an in-depth guide on this advanced growing technique.


Growing cannabis plants is a method of farming that can be very rewarding. However, before you start cultivating your weed, there are some things to consider and understand about the process. Whether it knows how long it takes for seeds to sprout or what type of light will work best- we’ve outlined everything you need to know in this article.