Tree Care Tips for Summer 2023

Tree Care Tips for Summer

During the summer, it is important to take care of your plants for various reasons. You need your trees ready for the long hot season and for the unexpected strong winds and summer storms. This care is especially necessary for young trees to prevent them from getting diseases and have them grow strong. You should … Read more

What to Choose for Your Next DIY Project – 2023 Guide

DIY Project

In a world where we can buy whatever we want online, the true craftsmen are those who choose to create things themselves, despite having the option to purchase them. DIY, or also known as Do-It-Yourself, means crafting your things with household materials. The items that you create yourself are much more pleasant to use, mean … Read more

GMO Battle: Nothing Short of Cataclysmic – 2023 Guide

GMO Battle

A growing number of food stores nationwide Whole Foods among them claim their customers fear the consequences of consuming genetically modified organisms or even GMO-related food products. Mark Squires, president of Good Earth Natural Foods, headquartered in Fairfax, California, said he doesn’t want GMOs on his store’s shelves and if he becomes aware of any … Read more

Small is Just as Big – 2023 Guide

I love traveling and meeting growers from across the country. The United States is full of many dedicated people who devote their lives to this profession. It humbles me when I walk the floor of any growing convention and listen to their stories. While at the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo in … Read more

Flowers Can Endanger Bees, Study Finds – 2023 Guide

Flowers can pose a grave danger to bees, a team of researchers that includes a University of California, Riverside entomologist has determined. The study is the first to show that flowers are platforms for a host of pollinator parasites subsequently dispersed onto visiting bees. The finding could affect the national and international trade of flowers … Read more